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Eaglesorb ES3 Anti-Scale Media

Eaglesorb ES3 Anti-Scale Media in bags, 1 liter, FM-ES-3
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EagleSorb ES3 Anti-Scale Media is a state of the art catalytic media for scale control. It is served as an alternative media to traditional ion exchange / water softening media. The media does NOT require a backwash or regeneration and will work in all standard whole house tanks.

How ES-3 Anti-Scale Media works:

Antiscale media accelerates transformation of calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless "nano" particles. Newly formed particles no longer attach to surfaces such as pipes , valves, fixtures and water heater tanks. Prevents scale buildup and removes previous buildup.


Type: EagleSorb ES3 anti-scale media
Quantity: 1 liter
Quantity per 1 cubic ft.: 4 liters
Color: white


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