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Water Test Kits, at Home Testing Strips

The quality of drinking water is very important in our day to day lives. We provide high quality water test kits and other solutions for field and in-home water testing, as well as Laboratory Water Test Kits. Whether your drinking water comes out of tap, or from private well, our water test kits will help you identify issues with your water. We also provide Science Fair water kits (see Science Project Kit and Science Kit 10-pack below) to get your children familiar with water quality and main contaminants. Check your drinking water with complete test kits, drinking water test kits, bacteria check tests and more.

We stock close to 50 drinking water tests for hundreds of contaminants. Simple tests are done with color matching test strips. For more advanced, quantitative testing, we have photometers (eXact iDip can even save data to your smartphone!) and Lab tests that require collection of water sample and sending it to a lab.

Drinking Water Test Kit WaterSafe WS-425B Water Test Kit for City Water
SKU: WS-425B
WaterSafe City Water Test Kit WS 425B. Comprehensive at-home water test that will show if your drinking water contains unsafe or undesirable amounts of one or more of the following 8 contaminants: Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, pH, and...

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Price: $24.95

Well Water Test Kit WaterSafe WS-425W Well Water Test Kit
SKU: WS-425W
Well Water Test Kit was specifically designed to help you test quickly and easily for the 10 most common contaminants found in private wells: iron, copper, lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness. Can be used on any treated or...

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Price: $29.95

Water Quality Test Kit
The most complete do-it-yourself Water Quality Test Kit on the market! This water test kit is designed to test up to 2 water sources for 15 different contaminants: Chlorine, Chloride, pH, Hardness, Nitrates, Iron, Lead, Pesticides and several other common contaminants!...

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Price: $44.49
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Childcare Chlorine Water Test Kit
Childcare Water Kit is a kit designed for monitoring and disinfecting solutions for childcare facilities. Designed specifically for North Carolina to test for chlorine - NC Daycare Test Kit. Contains 3 bottles of 50 strips, total of 150...

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Price: $39.99
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Science Project Kit Drinking Water WS-425SP Science Project Kit 4-pack
Science Project Kit - a comprehensive test kit for comparing the water quality of up to 4 different water samples. Results on the spot. Great tool for science projects that check quality of drinking water.
Water Quality Science Fair Kit tests...

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Price: $49.95
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WaterSafe Water Science Project Kit 10-pack WS425 Science Project Kit 10-pack
Science Project Kit 10-pack is a comprehensive test kit for comparing the water quality of up to 10 different water samples. Results on the spot. Perfect for school projects for Middle and High School.
WS-425SPT Science Fair Project Kit tests...

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Price: $99.95
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IT-TK-06 Water Total Hardness Kit 50 Strips 480008 Total Hardness Test Kit
Total Hardness test strips for water quality are the ideal solution for many projects that need to detect levels of calcium and/or hardness in drinking water. Offered in a variety of packaging options ,Total Hardness test strips are perfect for service work, classroom...

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Price: $9.49

Free and Total Chlorine Test
Water test strips to check your water for Free and Total Chlorine. Contains 30 test strips. Fast, accurate, visual results. W do-it-yourself quick test strip with 2 indicators to detect Free and Total Chlorine (chloramines). This test is a great way...

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Price: $18.50

Free Chlorine Water Test, 30 Strips Free Chlorine Water Test Kit, 30 Tests
EPA-approved test strips to check your water for Free Chlorine. Contains 30 test strips. Fast, accurate, visual results. This test detects Free Chlorine down to 0.05 ppm, without monochloramine interference.
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Price: $19.99

Free Chlorine High Range Test
Free Chlorine High Range Water Quality Test kit. Designed to resist interference from monochloramines, Free Chlorine High Range is the ideal product when testing in a food processing environment. With its wide range of detection, from 0-120 ppm (mg/L), Free Chlorine High...

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Price: $15.99

Free Chlorine Water Test Kit, 50 Tests
Free Chlorine Water Quality Test Kit, set of 50 tests. Fast and accurate test for rapid determination of Free Chlorine levels in water. No monochloramine interference, detects down to 0.05 ppm and as high as 6 ppm (mg/L). No external chemicals...

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Price: $18.99

Copper Water Test Kit 480042 Copper Water Test Kit, John's
John's Copper Water Test Kit is designed for easy dip-and-read test to determine concentration of copper in water. It is a low cost alternative to wet chemical tests.Testing is done using test strips with a reagent that reacts with copper in...

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Price: $14.99

Water Test Kit for Lead Water Test Kit for Lead
SKU: WS-207
The Watersafe Lead Test can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb). A test strip with yes/no result that detects presence of lead in drinking water.

Why to use Watersafe...
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Price: $14.95

Salt Water Check Test Kit 482028 Salt Water Check Test Kit
Salt Water Test is designed for easy dip-and-read test to determine concentration of salt in water. It is a low cost alternative to conductivity meters and wet chemical tests. Detecting concentration of 25%, 50%, 75% , 100% and 150% and various conductivity measurements...

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Price: $16.99

Nitrate and Nitrite Nitrogen Water Test Strips Nitrate Nitrite Test Strips
WaterWorks™ Nitrate / Nitrite nitrogen water test strips designed for in-home or on-the-go water testing for nitrates and nitrites. Ideal for well water testing, or routine home water tests. Safe, reliable test strips, no technical training is required. Color coded...

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Price: $16.99

Pesticide Water Test Strips 487996 Pesticide Test Strips
Quick™ Pesticides test strips for Altrazine and Simazine is an ideal at home or on-the-go water test for pesticides. Ideal for well water testing, or routine home water tests. Safe, reliable test strips, no technical training is required. Color coded results. Test uses...

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Price: $24.99

Mercury Water Test Kit, High Concentration Mercury Check Water Test Kit High
Detect High Levels of Mercury with this Water Test Kit. Contains a bottle of 50 test strips to check for high levels of mercury: <50, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 ppb (parts per billion). Result in 3 Minutes Mercury Check for water quality testing is a quick and...

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Price: $20.99

Mercury Water Test Kit, 50 Testing Strips Mercury Drinking Water Test Kit (Boris)
Mercury Test Kit for Drinking Water (Boris'), in Water Test Strips. Kit contains a bottle of 50 test strips to check for standard levels of mercury: 0, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80 ppb (parts per billion). Result in 90...

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Price: $20.99

Ozone Water Test Strips 481234 Ozone Water Test Strips
Ozone Water Test Kit is a uniquely designed test strip to check for levels of Ozone in water. Contains a bottle of 50 test strips. Result in 30 seconds. This test strip has a unique ability to test for low levels of ozone....

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Price: $19.99

Peroxide Water Test Strips IT-TK-32, 480014 Peroxide Water Test Strips
Peroxide Water Test Strips that test levels as low as 0.5 ppm and as high as 100 ppm under a minute. Contains 50 test strips. Test kit is ideal for on-site testing and requires no training or MSDS. Tests for H2O2, hydrogen peroxide. This patented...

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Price: $16.99

pH and Total Alkalinity Water Test Strips pH and Total Alkalinity Test Kit
pH and Total Alkalinity water test strips. Contains 50 test strips. This is a great test to see if your drinking water is balanced, acidic or alkaline, and how eaisy it can be balanced to neutral. This test is an alternative to wet chemical...

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Price: $14.99

Extended Range pH Test Strips 481104 pH Water Tests Extended Range
Water test strips that test pH of water, acidity and alkalinity. Contains 50 test strips. Extended range, can test pH levels from 2 up to 12. This is a great test to see if your drinking water is balanced, acidic or alkaline, and how...

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Price: $12.99

Water Heavy Metals Test Kit, 50 Testing Strips Water Metals Test Kit
Water Metals Check test kit is a semi-quantitative contamination check for Heavy metals in water. Test strip detects metals in water in under 1 minute. Contains 50 test strips.
Checks for the presence of Cadmium, Colbalt, Copper, Iron,...

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Price: $20.99

Manganese Check  Water Test Kit, 24 Strips 481020 Manganese Check Water Test Kit
Detecting levels of Manganese has never been so easy! The new and improved SenSafe Manganese Check eliminates interference from several ions like copper, iron, cobalt, lead, nickel, etc. Designed to be a rapid, accurate alternative to wet chemical tests,...

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Price: $31.49

Hydrogen Sulfide Test Kit
Hydrogen Sulfide Water Test strips with results under 30 seconds. No experience or laboratory equipment is needed, visual color-coded results on the spot. Simply dip a test strip in the water sample to be tested for one second, shake off excess water and compare your...

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Price: $14.50

How To Use Test Strips

In order to perform at-home testing, you would have to collect a water sample from your faucet. Some tests require to remove an aerator. Make sure you chose correct faucet if you already have a water purification system installed. Several tests, such as copper and metals, require to let water run for a few minutes in order to not get false positive. After collecting a water sample, follow instructions on the bottle for dipping and waiting time in order to properly match to colored chart. Tests for different contaminants may have different instructions.

We constantly improve quality of the test strips. Although they should work perfectly well for drinking water testing, some may receive interference if used for anything other than drinking water , such as salt water, acids, food and beverages other than bottled water, chemistry and lab samples etc. We have several tests designed for those conditions, such as High Chlorine and Salt Water Check. In order to get proper readings, use them as instructed.