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GE Osmonics Desal and Suez RO Membranes

Manufacturer Image: GE Osmonics Desal
GE Water & Process Technologies, formerly GE Osmonics Desal has been acquired by Suez. Suez manufactures water filters and reverse osmosis membranes. GE Water was one of the fastest growing division of an industry giant, General Electric. Company owns a number of manufacturers and product lines , from sediment filters to residential and commercial Reverse Osmosis Membranes, and up to Industrial Water Filtration Plants for whole cities. We offer a small sub-set of their product line.

Majority of the products we carry still have GE branding. Some new membranes and filters are now carrying Suez branding and model numbers.
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Purtrex PX05-9-7/8 Sediment Water Filter 93023

Purtrex PX05-9 7 8 Sediment Filter
SKU: PX05-978
Price: $5.99
GE Osmonics TFM-24 RO Membrane 1220189

GE Osmonics TFM-24 24 GPD RO Membrane
Price: $40.99
GE Osmonics TFM-36 RO Membrane 1220190 , TLC-36

GE Osmonics TFM-36 36 GPD RO Membrane
Price: $42.99
GE Osmonics TFM-50 RO Membrane 1204694

GE Osmonics TFM-50 50 GPD RO Membrane
Sale Price: $29.00
GE Osmonics TFM-75 RO Membrane 1204487 TLC-75

GE Osmonics TFM-75 75 GPD RO Membrane
Price: $46.99
GE Osmonics TFM-100 RO Membrane 1221122

GE Osmonics TFM-100 100 GPD RO Membrane
Sale Price: $39.95
GE Osmonics TFM-50A RO Membrane 1224437

GE Osmonics TFM-50A RO Membrane
Price: $48.00
GE Dual Gradient Sediment Filter 10-50

GE Dual Gradient Sediment Filter 10-50
SKU: MBB50-05-10
Price: $16.00