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Water Coolers in Rhode Island

Looking for a water machine in RI? We have one that's just right for you. Our po coolers can deliver great tasting, purified water right where you need them - in the kitchen, in office, gym or even in the living room. With a design to be proud of and state of the art purification technology and these great looking coolers are ready to be delivered directly to your address!

We offer two state of the art water purification systems - Standard Filtration, which usually comes with a set of 3-4 filters (two for countertop models), and a Reverse Osmosis system (RO), which is more advanced. Both can deliver what you are looking for - great tasting, purified water ready at your request. With majority of impurities completely removed.

Available Models

More than 10 different models of bottleless water purifiers are available - both floor and countertop models. Every one has been carefully tested before shipped out. Purifiers ship with water purification system already installed, with installation package that includes standard 1/4" tube water line and connectors and a manual - ready to be installed by your plumber or a contractor. Installation is a snap, just connect included 1/4" line to the water source , feed it to the machine and insert in the back - done. For Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems, a second, drain line, is required.

Having over 10 years in selling purified office coolers, we have seen a number of different products come and go. For us, we have done product comparison and selected simply the BEST coolers to put our branding on it - after all, our reputation is on the line. You will not find any cheaply made components in them - in fact, all components are NSF-certified.

Our systems carry LG compressors and highest quality stainless steel tanks that are available on the market.

Coolers are NOT made in China!

Purification Systems

Our coolers come with one of the two available water purification systems: Standard Filtration, or Reverse Osmosis (RO) System.
  • Standard Filtration - typically a 3 or 4 cartridge system that can filter a large number of common impurities, such as chlorine, bad tastes and odors.
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtraion - a system that makes water very pure , removing majority of the known impurities.

Water Purification System

Backed by great Warranty! 1 year all system, 3 years on compressor.


Our products are available in, but not limited to, following cities:
ProvidenceState capitalWarwickCranstonPawtucket
East ProvidenceWoonsocketCoventryCumberland
North ProvidenceSouth KingstownWest WarwickJohnston
North KingstownNewportBristolWesterly
SmithfieldLincolnCentral FallsPortsmouth
TivertonEast GreenwichNorth SmithfieldWarren

Water Coolers in ProvidenceState capital

Water Cooler Lease in Rhode Island

Are you looking to rent or lease your purified water machine? Look around our site for the details on rentals. Be prepared to pay 3 to 4 times the amount that you can buy a machine outright. Usually our customers break even at about 1 year 2-3 months versus leasing. After that, you will still be sending monthly checks to a finance company - not the company who leased a product (which could be out of business by the time you expect them to come in and replace cheap carbon filters!)


We offer free shipping to Rhode Island.

Why to Choose US?

Q: Why to choose us as your purified water machine supplier?
A: We have been on the market for over 10 years. Unlike your typical local supplier, who's a plumbing and coffee vendor (or even a furniture manufacturer - and this is not a joke!), we specialize in water purification. We have access to high level engineering and chemistry experts who have build water purification products for several decades. Some of them we introduced to the U.S. market together. Getting our coolers means you are aligning with industry leaders in pure drinking water.

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