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Water Filter Tank Capacity Calculator

Sizing up your Water Filter Media Tank and wondering just how much media you need to pour in to know you're filling the tank up with the correct amount of filtration media?

If you have an existing Water Tank and need to replace Carbon Media, Softening Resin or any other type of filtration media, this simple Calculator will help you to figure out how much media your tank can hold.

How Much Filter Media Do You Need?

Most systems with manual or automatic backwash controller, or without a controller, are not filled up to the top. Carbon, water softening or other media typically needs some space to expand during back-washing. The only media that isn't expanding is Mixed Bed Deionizer Media. In most cases, the amount of filter media to put is defined on the media package details which is located on the product pack itself. The quantity is almost always referenced to the filter tanks' capacity.

Water Filter Tank Volume Calculation

Tank Volume Calculation
Diamter of a circle
Typical tank sizes:
Diameter (inches) x Height (inches) - Volume
9" x 48" - 1 cubic foot
10" x 54" - 1.5 cubic ft.
12" x 52" - 2 cubic ft.
14" x 65" - 3 cubic ft.
16" x 65" - 4 cubic ft.
21" x 62" - 7 cubic ft.
How to Convert from Circumference to Diameter.

Diameter of a circle is any straight line segment that passes through the center of the circle and whose endpoints lie on the circle.

If you measured tank Circumference, i.e. full length around the cylinder, you can easily convert it to a Diameter via dividing this number by Pi (3.14).

For example, a 30 inch Circumference gives you a 30 / 3.14 = 9.5 inches Diameter.

In the filtration process, exact measurement of components can define the effectiveness of your system. It helps to know the type of media and system or device you are using to be able to get the right calculation in reference to your tank. Different filter media's have various behaviors that need to be considered such as component expansion at certain procedures like back-washing, thus, requiring some space.

We employ a specific formula to determine the volume capacity of the tank which requires the tanks' diameter and height, both commonly measured in inches( " ). If the diameter is not predefined on the tank details, we can use the formula and process stated below to convert circumference to diameter. When all factors are determined, filter media quantity can easily be calculated.

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