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I want pure water

I want pure water, how does it work?

Our products purify drinking water at your tap or at whole house via removing impurities that may be found in water.
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Our Commercial Products produce purified water and are capable of removing various contaminants that may be present in feed water.
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What contaminants may be in my water ?

What impurities may be in my water ?

Residential tap water may contain a whole list of contaminants.

City water is regulated, water companies are required to remove dangerous impurities and provide you a water of good quality. They also add chlorine for disinfection that produces distinct smell and "pool" taste.

Well water can be very pure, and also can have a large list of contaminants. Typical for well water are: hydrogen sulfide, iron, high hardness, arsenic and a number of others.

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Commercial and Industrial applications may produce a whole range of different water contaminants. If you are using city water, your water company is required by law to perform periodic water testing. You can call them or search their website for a latest report. On well water or processed water, we recommend a comprehensive water test.

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How much does purified water cost?

How much does purified water cost?

Residential purified water can usually be 1/5 and as low as 1/100 of the price of bottled water. Bottled water is unregulated, and typically is nothing more than filtered tap water in plastic bottles. Some systems have to be used in the kitchen or other points of use. We also have no-maintenance, virtually install-and-forget whole house systems.

Kitchen under sink systems
Whole Home Systems

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Cost of a commercial or industrial water purification system can depend widely on which contaminants it is designed to remove, pipe size and volume processed (gallons per minute or gpm). Our systems go up to 280 gpm and even more if installed in parallel.

Commercial Purification Systems
Office Filtered Coolers

Can I install and service it myself ?

Can I install and service it myself ?

Our systems are designed to be easily installed and come with installation manuals. In the USA, some states and local governments require installation to be performed by a licensed plumber. Remember that systems may require cartridges to be replaced periodically. All larger systems come with a tool (a "wrench") to make this as easy as possible.

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We recommend using your local plumbing contractor to install Commercial or Industrial Water Purification System. We have technicians who can assist you with the project.

How much is the all inclusive service ?

How much is the all inclusive service ?

(If i don't want to do it myself)

We are a warehouse specializing in water purification. We do not do actual installations. However, our systems are very simple to set up and come with manuals, and are installed everywhere by plumbing professionals. Your all inclusive service from them may vary depending on your local cost of plumbing work per hour, difficulty of an access to a water line, things that you want to install as part of a project (like bypass valve), their rate of periodic inspection and filter replacement, and so on.

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We recommend finding local plumbing contractor. Depending on a scope of the project , it may be a good idea if he is specializing in commercial and industrial water purification. For commercial projects a regular water testing is a must to ensure that system functions properly.

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