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Holiday Gift Ideas

Holidays are coming! It's a good idea to get your gifts early. While you are compiling a list of gifts for your family and friends, think past electronics. This year, give your loved ones eco-friendly, green (we also like to call it "blue") gifts.

We don't have to remind you how important drinking water is, it is a precious resource our planet is blessed with. And water filters will soon become this essential product that everyone will be using daily. We've compiled a list of eco-friendly drinking water products that are also fun, and will get attention as an excellent holiday gift.

Gifts for Shower And Bath

Rain shower head with filter,filtered rain shower,shower filterRain Shower head with filter
Elegant. European-style 6" shower head with 60 nozzles creates luxurious shower experience. It's just like showering in the rainfall! A sunflower shower head. Light, and you can't even tell where it is hiding a powerful 10,000 gallons water filter!

Chlorine Removing Bath BallChrlorine Removing Crystal Bath Ball
Great gift idea for the bath enthusiast: The Rainshow'r Bath Ball is perfect for those who enjoy a leisurely bath and essential to dechlorinate your bath before use. It works right in the tub, just hang on bath faucet or let it swim in the water, and it will remove 90% or more of chlorine for a healthier bath.

Ideas for the Kitchen

countertop water filter, stainless countertop water filter,steel kitchen counter water filter
Stainless Countertop Water Filter

Purrfect holiday gift! Stainless steel body, great looking stainless kitchen counter water filter with our state of the art, 6-stage filter capable of producing great tasting water, removing hundreds of contaminants (if present) and filtering up to 10,000 gallons. This countertop filter easily connects directly to a kitchen faucet, and will last 1-2 years for a family of 4, just replace a single cartridge after it has expired. Easy installation, just connect to existing faucet with a diverter provided in a box, and enjoy years of clean drinking water!

BPA Free, NSF Components Certified.

Our Best Seller!

Versatile 3 Cartridge Under Sink Filter

under sink water filter, triple under counter water filter, kitchen water filter with 3 cartridges
Under Counter Water Filter With 3 Cartridges

Great gift idea for any household. This 8 stage water filter is designed to go under counter , is shipped with all cartridges and a separate faucet. Our best seller and best filtration in an 8-stage system that will produce great tasting water, remove hundreds of contaminants (if present). This under sink system connects to your water line under your sink, and will last 1-2 years for a family of 4, just replace cartridges after it has expired. Easy installation.

BPA Free, NSF Components Certified.