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Water Filtering Systems

Water Filtering Systems
Published on 7/10/2009

Clean water is a source of life on this planet, and water filtering technologies are quickly emerging to provide 21-st century technology to a century old science.

These days water purity is becoming concern for every household and business. Everyone wants to drink clean and pure water - after all human body consists of 70% water. This trend is leading to the emergence of various water filtration processes which not only clean the water but also remove the bad odor from it. Nowadays, by seeing this sudden awareness many companies have started introducing various water filtering systems so that everyone can get the pure drinking water. Original, carbon-based systems and technologies are being phased out, giving a way to new, better carbon, such as activated carbon and carbon block, and an array of newer, advanced technologies. With the emergence of advanced water filtration processes water purity has increased significantly.

Water Filtering Technologies

Water Filtering Systems come in all shapes and colors - from a simple gravity flow devices used in remote asian villages to advanced Reverse Osmosis Technologies that make water close to distilled. Generally, most devises remove the water impurities as well as the bad smell from the water so it can be freely consumed. You can learn more here about Water Purification Technologies

Popular water filtering systems range from a filtered water pitcher to complex systems that may have a water softener, carbon filter and a multi-stage filtration system so that pure water can be generated. Simple systems can be bought inexpensively for your on-the-go and apartment water drinking needs. If you want to install a whole house system, we recommend do a water test first to determine contaminants that a water filtering system would have to remove.

Chlorine (and recently chloramine) is the most common chemical agent present in the water which used regularly presents a health hazard. Municipalities add chlorine to eliminate bacteria in city water lines. That’s why majority of the water filtering systems are equipped with filters which will remove chlorine. This takes away smell and makes water safer to drink. Carbon block filters are used regularly to eliminate chlorine in water. The only downside is that in smaller systems carbon cartridges have to be replaced often.

As water filtering technologies progress, you can find a better water filtration systems matching your needs and requirements. We offer a large variety of water filtering systems and filters for almost any requirement. Please visit our online store, and enjoy clean, tasty, fresh water from your tap!

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And, of course, don't forget that most filter system will have replacement filter cartridges that have to be replaced at specified intervals. Large whole house filters may also have filtration media inside the unit that generally works for 5-10 years. Systems without a cartridge are not common, and you will have to through it away and get a new one every time the media is exhausted.

Need to check quality of your drinking water? Look no further! We provide a variety of Drinking Water Test Kits for in-home or field water testing.