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Bottleless Water Cooler Filtration Process

Bottleless Water Coolers Filtration Process. 

This diagram outlines a general filtration process for some older models of FW- water coolers. 

Stage 1 - 5 micron sediment filter cartridge that removes sediment, rust, dirt and particulates larger than 5 micron.

Stage 2 - 5 micron Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridge , that removes a wide variety of organic contaminants, including: 
chlorine (99.9%)
chemicals linked to cancer (THMs, Benzene)
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOSc)

GAC also improves water taste and removes odors.

Stage 3 - (for Reverse Osmosis Systems) - high capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane (50 or 100 gallons per day).

Stage 4 - 0.5 micron post Carbon Block. Solid Carbon Block filter for either post membrane processing and also removes VOCs,  insecticides , pesticides and industrial solvents. 

Bottleless Water Coolers Filtration Process Diagram

Bottleless Water Coolers Filtration Process Diagram explained.

These filtration systems are applicable for the following water cooler models: FW-750, FW-1000, old FW-1500 model, FW-2000, FW-3000, FW-2000CT Countertop.