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Best Water Filters and Purifiers

Is it possible to find the Best Water Filter on the market?

The answer, unfortunately, is NO.

Water molecules model Here's a dilemma. Water, the precious resource we all take for granted, but need to sustain life, is a mystery. Everybody remembers it's chemical formula, H2O, but very few realize that pure water just doesn't exist in nature! Pure water is a perfect solvent, it always finds and dissolves a good number of minerals and elements. So any water, short of distilled, will have traces of other elements, good and bad.

But I still Want The Best Water Purification System!

And rightfully so, we only use the best ourselves. There are ways that you can choose a right and the best water filter system for your situation and budget. So let's consider various possibilities here:

Best Shower Filters

Shower filters are easy, as most of them are designed to do one thing - eliminate chlorine. They are fairly poor in doing anything else. Generally, 2-stage shower filters such Consumer Digest Best Buy Crystal Quest shower filter and a dual-stage KDF and crystalline quartz Rainshower Shower Filter are better of the bunch, also made in U.S.A. We also like various shower filters by Paragon, which are NSF-certified and also sold in major stores under Culligan brand, such as Paragon Rain shower head with filter.

Best Countertop Filters

There's no "best" in this class. There are a number of companies that produce quality counter top filters. A number of new technologies exist that allows manufacturers to create multi-stage filtration within limited space of a countertop filter. Dual Countertop Water Filter is an excellent model. We also like Crystal Quest countertop filter, and if you are willing to sacrifice visual appeal in favor of water quality, we can suggest a triple filter countertop that can outperform the best brand name systems out there.

Countertop systems exist that are also capable of removing advanced contaminants like arsenic ( arsenic removal filters ) and fluoride ( fluoride removal countertop filter ).

Best Under Counter Filters

Drinking water glass,Best water filters In this rank, we will have to separate Reverse Osmosis systems from the rest for now and discuss them later. Among undersink systems, the rule of thumb is - the more filters and larger filters, the better. Too many exist to pick the best. Our favorite here are Triple undersink system with fluoride removal and Undersink Triple Filter with Ultrafiltration membrane, both by Crystal Quest.

Best Reverse Osmosis System

Because Reverse Osmosis systems produce water that is extremely pure, it is common to call them the best water filtration systems. It is partially true, especially if you don't have a clean water source, you are desalinating sea water, or your water source is seriously contaminated (our troops in the desert use a combination Reverse Osmosis / Ultrafiltration system just like we offer ). The drawbacks of this method are that produced water is tasteless, acidic (with low pH) and fairly aggressive (it will take elements from the environment, including copper pipes and plastic bottles, to neutralize itself). The best Reverse Osmosis systems have polishing filters to neutralize pH, and re-mineralization cartridge to add some minerals back into water. This is how some bottled water is produces. Our top of the line Thunder 4000MP Combination Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration system, with an optional alkalizer-mineralizer cartridge is something worth considering.

The Best Whole House Water Systems

Again, as previously mentioned, the best whole house water filtration system is only as good as its performance on the particular contaminants in water at your location. The best approach here is to first do a water analysis and understand what are you planning to remove. "Removing everything" in a whole house application can be impractical, and could cost thousands and thousands of dollars, when it is possible that based on your water analysis a $250-dollar cartridge system like our Dual cartridge whole house water filter system 20"x2.5" could have done the trick.

Three other contenders here: "Big Blue" Whole House Triple, 20"x5" in Budget category, Eagle 2000A Home Water Filter with Automatic Backwash as a whole home system for city water, and a Dual Tank Whole House and Iron Removal System for well water.

Best Office Water Filters

New water filtration technologies are finally here, and any office can now have these excellent machines - we are, of course, talking about office water coolers. Offered with hot and cold filtered water, these are best office filters on the market.