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Fluoride in Water

Published on 8/21/2015
Everyone is aware about controversy surrounding water fluoridation in the United States. Fluoride is a generic term that describes a wide variety of substances containing element Fluorine. Slightly less toxic than arsenic, but more toxic than lead, fluoride is the most negatively charged and most chemically active of all elements on Earth. Which means that it loves to combine and recombine with other elements in its path, looking for stronger bond and creating even more toxic combinations.

Contrary to fluoridationists' assurances, fluoride is anything but benign, and that's why industry loves it. How do the industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and military interests love fluoride? Let us count the ways. Used to etch glass, ceramics and computer chips; refine petroleum products, make ceramic materials more porous, inhibit fermentation in breweries and wineries, polish aluminum, refine metals, and separate uranium isotopes in the production of nuclear warheads, fluoride is also a key ingredient in the most widely used insecticides and pesticides (rat poison), and is used in most general anesthetics, in many nerve gases (Sarin) and in many psychotropic drugs (Prozac). But what sounds like a dream lover for industry, is a toxic nightmare for the rest of us, as industry continually searches for new places to dispose of its fluoride waste.

Fluoride in Water
In the early 40th, funded by top fluoride-emitters such as the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), new research emerged which claimed to show fluoride's supposed benefits. Since many of the fluoride wastes were being produced: by the Manhattan Project - the U.S. Military's program to create the first atomic bomb - various federal agencies became full parties to this national effort to fool Americans into falling for fluoride. Since then, an industrial waste (which what fluoride is) is simply dumped into over 60% of nation’s water reservoirs.

Fluoride causes a wide variety of health problems, when exposed in moderate levels:
1) It is Neurotoxic, and lowers IQ
2) Brain problems similar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
3) Causes cancer – The Department of Health of NJ found that bone cancer in male children was between 2 and 7 times greater in areas where water was fluoridated
4) Changes bone structure and strength – fluoride gradually builds up in bones and causes adverse changes to the bone structure
5) Causes birth defects and Perinatal Deaths
6) Impairs immune system
7) Causes Acute Adverse Reactions
8) Causes initial stages of Skeletal Fluorosis and Ostioarthritis
9) A permanent damage to the teeth
10) Suppresses thyroid function

This list can be continued. A large doses of fluoride can cause breathing problems (if inhaled as gas) and death.

On top of that:
  • numerous studies exist that find NO EVIDENCE of any health benefits of water fluoridation.
  • Fluoride is considered a poison in all European countries (except Northern Ireland)

    There are numerous books on the subject of water fluoridation and controversy behind it. We will mention several:
  • Fluoride Deception by Christopher Branson, ISBN-10: 1583227008
  • Fluoride: Drinking Ourselves to Death by Barry Groves, ISBN-10: 0717132749
  • Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride Deception (Training Manual for Parents, Physicians, and Dentists) by Dr. Stanley Monteith
  • and recent articles in large magazines, such as "Second Thoughts about Fluoride" in Scientific American magazine, January 2008

    If you consider all of the above, it would make perfect sense to drink only non-fluoridated water. Better to error on the safe side. If you buy bottled water (and waste your money in our opinion), make sure it has no fluoride added. There several ways you can remove fluoride from water with water filtration:

    1) Water filters with fluoride removal cartridges
    2) Reverse Osmosis water filters
    3) Water Disstillation

    These DO NOT remove fluoride from water:
    1) Brita, PUR and most other water filters that don’t have fluoride removal cartridges
    2) small built-in refrigerator filters
    3) shower and faucet filters
    4) Boiling water – this will concentrate fluoride rather than remove it
    5) Freezing water – does not affect concentration of fluoride

    Here's a good video by a professional - a dentist - about water fluoridation:

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