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Well Water Test Kit

Well Water Test Kit WaterSafe WS-425W, WS-425W

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Brand: WaterSafe
SKU: WS-425W
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Made in USA

Well Water Test Kit was specifically designed to help you test quickly and easily for the 10 most common contaminants found in private wells: iron, copper, lead, bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites, chlorine, pH and hardness. Can be used on any treated or untreated drinking water source.

Testing kit is perfect for checking the quality of your well water and city / municipally treated water. 

Sold out. Please call or email us about availability. 
Handyman seal of Approval, well water test kit

Test Kit allows you to:

- Test for copper, iron and lead
- Detect dangerous levels of Nitrates/Nitrites
- Test for potentially harmful bacteria
- Reveal the presence of toxins from pesticides or fertilizers
- Learn your water's pH balance , learn if it's acidic , neutral or alkaline. 
- Determine your water “hardness” levels, if your water is soft, medium or hard.
- Identify unsafe levels of chlorine in your water
- Compare all your results with EPA-recommended levels
- Feel confident in the water you drink and use every day!

Bacteria- strains of E.coli can cause serious illness or even death.
Lead- causes developmental harm, neurological and kidney damage.
Copper - causes liver and kidney damage in infants.
Iron - causes staining in laundry, dishes, bathtubs and sinks. Clogs pipes and gives off offensive odor.
Pesticides - from agricultural uses, linked to increased cancer rates.
Nitrates- from fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems.
Chlorine - can increase cancer risk, gives water bad taste and smell.
pH level- low pH or acidic water can cause heavy metals such as lead leaching and can cause damage to plumbing.
Water Hardness - causes lime scale and higher detergent use.
Well Water Test Desired Value
EPA maximum contaminant levels and/or guidelines:
Below 15 ppb
Below 3ppb (atrazine), Below 4ppb (simazine)
Below 1.0 ppm
Total Nitrate/Nitrite
Below 10.0 ppm
6.5 to 8.5
Total Chlorine
Below 4 ppm
Total Hardness
100 ppm or less (water is drinkable up to 500 ppm)
1.3 ppm
0.3 ppm


Read Water Test Kit Instructions 

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Customer Reviews : 2 Review(s)
1. tereds on 4/25/2014, said: 11111

Really useful test kit and so easy to use. It was really important to me to test the water here and this test kit was great.
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2. Jane on 1/24/2011, said: 11111

I use, and would recommend this well water test kit to anyone with well water. I have a home in the country that has well water. I take my health very seriously, and always want to make sure what I put in my body isn't harmful. Having farms around your property (like I do) can sometime lead to contaminated wells, and this product can allow you to be confident that your water is safe for consumption. This is a very, VERY good product!
  (2 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
: 2 Review(s)