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FW-500 Cooler Ultrafiltration Membrane

Ultrafiltration Membrane for FW-500 Water Cooler, FW500UF

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Price: $59.00

Dimensions: 12x3x3
Weight: 2 lb

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FW-500 Cooler Ultrafiltration Membrane is a UF Membrane for FW-500 and 2500 series Bottleless Water Coolers.

The UF membrane is used as one of the 4 cartridges in a 4-cartridge sub-micron purification systems on FW- filtered coolers.

It has a range of 0.2 micron that will block most organic contaminants such as different types of common bacteria.

ALL FW- coolers EXCEPT FW-650 and FW-I020 have standard filters with top and bottom connectors. FW-650 and i020 have U-type filters , with connectors at the top.

The color images are old version that you may find on our coolers 2+ years ago.

- Replace filters every 6-24 months.
- UF Membrane may get clogged by sediment, a sediment pre-filter is highly desired.
- SKU:FW500UF (Will work with FW-500, FW-500-RO , FW-2500RO and H2O-500 water coolers.)
- Brand:

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