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FW-500 Cooler Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse Osmosis Membrane for FW-500 Water Cooler, FW500RO

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Price: $50.00

Dimensions: 12x3x3
Weight: 2 lb

In stock

NSF Certified

FW-500 Cooler Reverse Osmosis Membrane is a RO Membrane for FW-400, FW-500, 650, 1500, 2200, 2500 and FLOW series Bottleless Water Coolers with a 4 stage RO system, and also for FW-210 under sink reverse osmosis system. With a guaranteed delivery of 100 gallons per day(gpd), this membrane is suitable for office locations where a high demand of clean drinking water is needed.

The RO membrane is the main filter in the Reverse Osmosis system that stops and rejects the majority of water contaminants. In order for the membrane to maintain its performance for city or municipally treated water, it is important to make sure that your carbon pre-filters are of good quality and are not too old otherwise, it may get damaged by chlorinated water.

Reverse Osmosis membranes produce very clean water, close to being distilled. You can test the quality of your RO water via a TDS meter, a device that measures Total Dissolved Solids. A new membrane should reject 95% to 98% of the dissolved solids and other contaminants. As it ages, it will let more and more contaminants through.

Cartridges may come with colored or silver labels, they are identical.

- Replace filters every 2-4 years.
- NSF-certified 100 gallons per day(capacity in gpd) membrane.
- Membrane may get damaged by chlorinated water.


Models: FW-I020RO, FW-400RO, FW-500RO, FW-650RO, FW-1500RO , FW-2200, FW-2500RO , FW-FLOW / H2O-400, H2O-500, H2O-650, H2O-1500, H2O-2200, H2O-2500, H2O-FLOW  water coolers

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