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TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester

HM Digital TDS-EZ Meter, Handleld Water Tester, HMD-TDS-EZ
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Brand: HM Digital
Price: $16.99

Dimensions: 6.1" x 1.25" x 1"
Weight: 0.4 lb

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TDS-EZ is a TDS Water Meter to measure dissolved solids and water coming from Reverse Osmosis systems. Ideal starter meter for home and all water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aquaculture, hydroponics, and colloidal silver. Excellent starter tester for consumer use. Carry one in your pocket or toolbox at all times!
TDSZR Water Tester measures the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in water and other solutions.

TDS-EZ Water Meter Features:

  • Highly efficient and accurate , built-in microprocessor .
  • Hold Function: saves measurements for convenient reading and recording.
  • Auto-off function: the meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
  • Measurement Range: 0-9990 ppm. From 0-999 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 1ppm. From 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is in increments of 10ppm, indicated by a blinking 'x10' image.
  • Built-in digital thermometer
  • Display: large and easy-to-read LCD screen.
  • Factory calibrated , can also be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver.
  • Also available in "x10" mode: reads in increments only of 10 ppm (0-9990 ppm).
This is a typical TDS, Total Dissolved Solids Scale , what you can expect your water to be.
TDS Scale

TDS Range: 0 - 9990 ppm (mg/L)
EC to TDS conversion factor: NaCl (avg. 0.5)
Resolution: 1 ppm, (also available in 10 ppm)
Accuracy: +/- 3%
Power source: 2 x 1.5V button cell batteries (included)
Battery life: 1000 hours of usage
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

  1. HM Digital TDS-EZ meters come factory calibrated and are ready to use. They are designed to stay consistent. However, after prolonged usage, it may help to recalibrate your meter using a commercial standard NaCl-based solution, which is approximately, 0.5 µS of conductivity.
  2. Immerse the meter into the calibration solution. If the meter does not read within 2% of the calibration solution, adjust the reading by inserting a mini screwdriver (not included) into the trimmer pot (the hole on the back of the meter). Turn the trimmer clockwise to increase the reading and counterclockwise to decrease the reading. Note that the adjuster is very sensitive.

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