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Alkalizer remineralizer cartridge for FW RO Coolers

Alkalizer remineralizer cartridge for FW Water Coolers, FW-RC-RM

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Brand: FilterWater.com
Price: $199.00
List Price: $199.00
On Sale For: $70.00
Dimensions: 16x3x3
Weight: 2.9 lb

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Made in USA

Alkalizer remineralizer cartridge for FW RO Coolers. This is an Inline Natural Alkalizer Remineralizer, and Oxidation cartridge for FilterWater.com Bottleless Water Coolers with Reverse Osmosis systems. FW-RC-RM Alkalizer remineralizer cartridge serves as an add-on cartridge after a RO process and will fit a number of different coolers with the FilterWater.com brand.

Alkalizer Remineralizer Fact

A Reverse Osmosis process strips minerals from water, making it close to distilled and acidic (low pH). Alkalizer Remineralizer Cartridge will add minerals back, and will also balance pH to normal(around 7.0) so you can have best tasting water!

Reverse Osmosis + Alkaline is the absolute best water you can provide for your family or employees. It's the cleanest, best tasting water with the most health benefits (anti-oxidants, high levels of hydrogen). There are numerous studies from S.Korea and Japan about the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Cartridges may come with colored or silver labels, they are identical.

- Filter Life: 6-12 months.
- Connectors: standard 1/4" quick connect fittings for a 1/4" , plastic tube water line.

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