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Rainshower shower filter CQ-1000 with Shower Head

Rainshower Shower Filter CQ-1000 with Shower Head chromed or massaging, CQ-1000-DS

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Weight:2.5 LBS.
ChromeSKU: CQ-1000-DS
Description:Chrome shower head
Price: $54.00
WhiteSKU: CQ-1000-MS
Description:Massaging shower head
Price: $54.00
In stock

Filter cartridge(s) included.

CQ-1000 Dechlorinating shower filter with crystalline quartz replaceable cartridge with a shower head. Removes harmful chlorine in the shower. Our proprietary KDF formula provides a better performance per ounce of KDF than other shower filters. Also uses Crystalline Quartz crystals to improve water quality, oxidize water and make your showers unforgettable experience!

Rainshower CQ-1000 filter

Crystalline technology uses specially washed, sun-dried quartz crystals to reduce the surface tension of the water, making it feel lighter and more energized.

Rainshower Shower Filter properties:

  • Removes 90% or more of free chlorine
  • Easy, hassle-free installation
  • Works well with hand held shower kits
  • NSF-certified shower filter
  • Bacteriostatic KDF media
  • Filter capacity: 6-9 months
  • Available with shower head by Whedon (chromed), massaging shower head by Amcor (white), or no shower head (see CQ-1000-NH in Catalog)

    NEW!!! American made solid brass collar molded into the filter body inlet making the filter body so strong that even a pro athlete can't break it! Now you should be able to safely use Teflon tape on shower arm threads for a tighter water seal.
    Rainshow r Shower filter is proudly manufactured in USA!
    Mfg #: CQ-1000-MS, CQ1000MS, CQ-1000MS, CQ1000-MS , CQ-1000-DS, CQ1000DS, CQ-1000DS, CQ1000-DS

    Replacement Filters and Parts
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    Replacement Cartridge for CQ-1000 Restore Shower Filter
    Replacement Cartridge for Rainshower Restore shower filters CQ-1000NH / CQ1000. RCCQ-A Filter Cartridge lasts 6-9 months, depending on water sediments and usage. Manufacturer: Rainsh...

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