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Leak Detection, Flood Prevention Valve

Leak Detector, Flood Prevention Valve for Water Coolers, CQE-PT-03060
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Brand: Crystal Quest
SKU: CQE-PT-03060
List Price: $69.00
Price: $59.00

Weight: 2 lb

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Leak detection, Flood prevention valve for Crytsal Quest bottleless water coolers. The Smart Valve will detect any leaks that occur within a water cooler, such as loose supply line or moisture inside Bottleless Water Cooler or under sink where your filtration system is located, and shuts down the supply line in order to prevent flooding. Valve is connected to the supply water line, recommended location for the sensor is inside in the cartridge area.

Flood detector valve is invaluable to detect and prevent leaks and water damage that may occur in the even that there's a problem with the line, one of the cartridges or connectors inside the cooler, or under a kitchen sink. Will also work for under sink and reverse osmosis systems.

Leak Detector Smart Valve.

For 1/4" water line.

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