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InLine Water Filter with Fluoride Removal

InLine Fluoride Removal Water Filter CQE-RF-00704, CQE-RF-00704

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Brand: Crystal Quest
SKU: CQE-RF-00704
Price: $119.00

Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 5
Weight: 6 lb

Ships in 2-3 days

Filter cartridge(s) included.

Made in USA

InLine Water Filter with Fluoride Removal by CRYSTAL QUEST is a single filtration system specific to removing fluoride only. This is useful when you have an existing system installed and need to address fluoride without replacing the current system. Equipped with the CRYSTAL QUEST® CQ-900 which is a high capacity synthetic absorbent media that is highly selective for fluoride, arsenic and lead.

Fluoride is commonly known to be used on dental products. It is a naturally occurring element which is present in water and soil at varying levels. Municipal water treatment plants commonly add fluoride to the water for prevention of tooth decay and maintain a regulated concentration for safety. Today, fluoride has found its way to our homes in more ways you can imagine. From dental products to food, beverages, medicines and even utensils that cause an increase of fluoride content in food. Fluoride may cause health problems if present in public or private water supplies in amounts greater than the drinking water standard set by EPA. According to the EPA, exposure to excessive consumption of fluoride over a lifetime may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults, and may result in effects on bone - leading to pain and tenderness. With all these, the last thing you want is fluoride in your water.

Quick and easy to install and use. It is a convenient device and small enough to be installed under most counters and sinks. This Water Filter System can also be installed for use with coffee machines, water fountains, refrigerators and water coolers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cartridge infused with CQ-900 media effective with removal of fluoride, arsenic and lead.
  • Can be an add-on for existing systems
  • Small enough to be installed under most counters and sinks.
  • NSF certified media.
  • Also reduces Arsenic and Lead.


Manufacturer ID:CQE-RF-00704
Dimensions(LxHxW):5"x14"(10"+4" to change cartridge)x5"
Filtration Capacity:4500 ppm Flouride (Avg. 1000 to 1500 Gallons)
Primary Media:
Operating Temperature(°F):40°F - 90°F
Operating Pressure(PSI):20 psi - 60 psi
Design Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute, gpm):0.75 to 1 gpm
Fitting Type:Quick Connect
Fitting Size (inches):1/4"
Weight(lbs):6 lbs

We recommend using it along with filter that's inside refrigerator, another point of use system, or a whole house water filter. Also look at our 7-stage Inline System with Fluoride Removal here.

BPA freeEagle Redox Alloy
NSF 42 certification
NSF Standard 42
NSF 61 certification
NSF Standard 61
Replacement Filters and Parts
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Fluoride Filter Cartridge
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