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Water Quality Test Kit

Complete Water Quality Test Kit 487986, ITS-TK01

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Brand: ITS
Price: $44.49
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Dimensions: 6"x4"x2.5"
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Made in USA

The most complete do-it-yourself Water Quality Test Kit on the market! This water test kit is designed to test up to 2 water sources for 15 different contaminants: Chlorine, Chloride, pH, Hardness, Nitrates, Iron, Lead, Pesticides and several other common contaminants! Test your drinking water, or check if your water filter does a good job.

Water Quality Test Kit Specifications

This 15 contaminant Complete Home Water Test Kit has been designed to test drinking water in your residential or commercial building for a maximum number of contaminants with lowest possible cost. This test also includes the only available U.S. EPA approved free chlorine test strip. Compare other kits to ours and see for yourself how many parameters you can test for on the spot! And to top it off, we've included 2 strips for most contaminants, so you can either repeat a test to confirm its results, or use on two different water samples. 

Very simple to do , just dip a strip in a water sample for recommended number of seconds and match the color to related chart.

Tests for the following contaminants:

  • Free Chlorine - 2 tests
  • Total Chlorine - 2 tests
  • Chloride - 2 tests
  • pH - 2 tests
  • Total Alkalinity - 2 tests
  • Total Hardness - 2 tests
  • Nitrate - 2 tests
  • Nitrite - 2 tests
  • Iron - 2 tests
  • Sulfate - 2 tests
  • Hydrogen Sulfide - 2 tests
  • Copper - 2 tests
  • Lead - 1 test
  • Pesticide - 1 test
  • Bacteria - 1 test
    Results are color-coded, visual, on the spot (except for bacteria test, which takes 48 hours). Just dip each test strip into a water sample and match it to color chart.

Chart to compare your results to US EPA recommended levels is included.

Manufacturer's product number: 487986. Also sold as Watts Premier 173006 All-in-One Water Test Kit

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Customer Reviews : 2 Review(s)
1. Rebeka on 4/7/2011, said: 11110

I was skeptical at first that a product would be able to tell me something that I thought I would have to pay a professional to test. To my amazement this water test kit worked very well for me with fast and accurate results. I’m very satisfied with the product, it was very easy to use.
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2. Michelle on 1/27/2011, said: 11111

This water quality test kit is a great product that I would recommend to anyone. I’m in the real-estate market, and some places I show my clients have less than desirable water. This kit is an easy way for my clients to find out what they are getting into as far as there water source goes. My clients and I have found this kit very helpful and I will continue using them. A+
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: 2 Review(s)