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FW-500 Bottleless Water Cooler

FW-500 Bottleless Water Cooler - Ultrafiltration or RO Filtration, FW-500

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Weight:49 LBS.
StandardSKU: FW-500
Description:1 gallon cold water tank, up to 30 people.
Price: $450.00
High CapacitySKU: FW-500-H
Description:High Capactiy 2 gallon cold water tank, suitable for up to 50 people.
Price: $590.00
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FW-500 Bottleless Water Cooler with options for just plain hot/cold water without filtration, or a 4-stage sub-micron Ultra Filtration, or the 4-stage Reverse Osmosis System - your own choice for your own specific drinking water needs. Cooled by a LG compressor, stored in surgical stainless steel tanks and built with a leak detector - your water is guaranteed clean, healthy and safe.

This cooler is out of stock and has been discontinued. Look at FW-FLOW model for an alternative.

This FilterWater cooler units' ability to carry different configuration makes these water coolers the most versatile compared to other products. The LG compressor provides reliable cooling system and its surgical type 316 high-grade stainless steel hot and cold water tanks add extreme durability. Our coolers are designed to produce pure, great tasting water for your employees or the whole family that is clean and safe to drink. Units are equipped with filtration down to 0.2 micron that would remove 99.9% of e.coli, bad tastes and odors and reduce chlorine, lead and insecticides with standard UF 4-filter system, or even more with Reverse Osmosis.

With it’s sleek look, high quality construction, un-paralleled reliability and unbeatable price, this exceptional product will surely please everyone at home, or the office! The FW-500 or “Econo-line cooler” delivers not only hot and cold water but also guaranteed quality, reliability and easy serviceability.

Need more capacity? Look at the newest addition to our product line , FW-2500 cooler, which comes with much larger tanks for locations with over 50 people.

LG Compressor

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Choice of UltraFiltration, high capacity Reverse Osmosis System with 100 gpd membrane, or simply just plain water.
  • For Reverse Osmosis Systems, highest capacity 100 gallons per day, American-Made membrane (4 stage RO, 4 stage RO+UV)
  • Hot and cold tanks made from the highest quality stainless steel.
  • Hot tank safety feature which allows it to shut off automatically if the tank is turned on and is not filled with water.
  • Safety lock function for the hot water, preventing burning accidents.
  • ADA-compliant, certificate is available with FilterWater.com - branded machines.
  • No Scale build-up! Cooler is designed to handle high scale water when ordered with a Reverse Osmosis system!
  • Connects easily to cold water line for unlimited filtered drinking water.
  • Built-in leak detector.
  • Available with Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV) to remove bacteria

FW500 Cooler Water Purification Systems



Model/SKU: FW-500 (no filtration)
FW-500F (4-stage Ultrafiltration, 4 stage + Ultraviolet Sterilizer / UV)
FW-500RO (4-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration with american-made 100 gallons per day capacity membrane) (4 stage + Reverse Osmosis + Ultraviolet Sterilizer / UV)
FW-500 7.5, High Capactiy Cold/Hot POU water dispenser (POU - Point Of Use)
Dimensions(inches):13" Width x 14" Length x 43" Height
Shipping Weight(lbs):49 lbs.
Cold Tank Volume(gallon, gal):1 gal
Hot Tank Volume(gallon, gal):0.5 gallon
Cooling Rate:1.5 gal/hour, 37-50°F
Heating Rate:1.3 gal/hour, 180°F
Power/Voltage:110V/60Hz (Call for converter if you need 220V)
Cooling Power Consumption:100W
Heating Power Consumption:500W
Filter Life(months):Sediment and Carbon Pre and Post(6 months), Reverse Osmosis(36 months)
Optional Add-on:
UltraViolet Sterilizer to prevent bacteria contamination, only additional $100 , select +UV from Filtration System select box.

Backed by great warranty! 1 year manufacturer's warranty system, 3 years on compressor.

- Available in Black and White body color.
- Filter cartridges are included with FW-500 coolers that come with filtration system installed (FW-500F, FW-500RO).
- Final assembly in U.S. using U.S. and South Korean parts.
- Bottle-less cooler comes with filter cartridges, installation hardware and instructions. Call a number in the manual during installation if you have any questions!

Tested and Certified

NSFADALGWater Quality

Replacement Filters and Parts
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