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Inline Scale Reduction Cartridge

Inline Scale Reduction Water Filter 1/4 QC, CQ-RCIS
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Brand: Crystal Quest
Price: $63.00

Dimensions: 15x3x3
Weight: 2.1 lb

In stock

Made in USA

Inline Scale Reduction Water Filter that is used on Crystal Quest Bottleless Water Coolers and Reverse Osmosis systems or other similar systems in hard water to prevent calcium and scale deposits. Cation resin filter that works just like a water softening cartridge except no regeneration is requred, which extends life of the cartridge. Install this on any standard 1/4" line for bottleless coolers, coffee machines, ice makers , refrigerators and reverse osmosis systems where a scale reduction is desireable.
Working media.
Two types of media is available. One is a standard water softening media used in traditional water softeners. Second media is anti-scale media used in scale reduction systems.
Anti-scale media can be used without regeneration, but it may be affected by things like permament hardness (silica, sulfate, phosphate). Water softening media is not affected by these but has a shorter life span and may need to be periodically regenerated (soaked in salty water) to perform.
* Water softening media.
* Anti-Scale , scale reduction media, sealed.

Connection: 1/4" quick connect (uses 1/4" plastic tube water line).
Filter Capacity: 1000-2000 gallons, depending on harndess
Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
Filter life: 1-2 years , based on water conditions and usage
Larger body for extended filter life
Made in USA.

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