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Gravel For Filter Bed Support

Gravel For Filter Bed Support, FM-GV-01
Brand: Other
Price: $35.00

Weight: 16 lb

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High flow support Gravel for Whole House Water Filters that use activated carbon and other media such as multi-media. For 8" to 12" diameter tanks. High purity reliable quality gravel that makes this media great for filtration applications. Works as a support at the bottom of a water filter tank to help other media perform.

How Gravel Media works:

Acts as a support for filter medium. Gravel media is cleaned to remove all shale, clay and inorganic impurities.


Type: Gravel for filter bed support
Color: varies
Quantity: 1 bag
Weight: 16 lbs

Granulated Activated Carbon Media
Granulated Activated Carbon Media

Multi-Media Filtration Mix
Multi-Media Filtration Mix

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