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Doulton Fluoride Reduction Filter

Doulton W9125030 Fluoride Reduction Filter, W9125030
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Brand: Doulton
SKU: W9125030
Price: $46.00

Dimensions: 10x2
Weight: 1 lb

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Doulton W9125030 Fluoride Reduction Filter is a 10" x 2" ceramic filter designed for gravity fed filters to reduce unwanted naturally occurring and added fluoride from your supply drinking water. It can also be a replacement filter for the Doulton DUO System. This is a replacement filter cartridge for use in short mount filtration systems, 3/4"(19 mm) long.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element which is present in water and soil at varying levels. Municipal water treatment plants commonly add fluoride to the water for prevention of tooth decay and maintain a regulated concentration for safety. Water fluoridation is controversial as being more harm than good. High concentrations and exposure to fluoride over a lifetime may lead to increased likelihood of bone fractures in adults, and may result in effects on bone - leading to pain and tenderness.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Helps significantly reduce the fluoride in your drinking water.
  • Ceramic has a small and complex pore structure, making it an ideal filter medium.
  • Compatible with the under-counter and counter-top range of housings.
  • Long life cartridge. Great value for money.


Manufacturer ID:W9125030
Dimensions(inch/es):2 inches(D) x 10 inches(L)
Head mount3/4" (19 mm)
Micron Rating (Nominal):0.5 microns
Operating Pressure(psi):10 psi - 100 psi
Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute, gpm):0.4 gpm
Filter Life(months):3 months *
*Recommended replacement time.

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