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Pentek SW-4 Wrench 144368

Pentek SW-4 Water Filter Wrench 144368, PTK-SW-4
Brand: Pentek
List Price: $10.00
Price: $7.99

Dimensions: 13 1/4 x 6 3/4 x 0.5
Weight: 0.4 lb

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Pentek SW-4 Water Filter Wrench. This wrench fits most standard Big Blue 10"x4.5" and 20"x4.5" housings, including Pentek / Pentair, American Plumber, Ametek, US Filter, Culligan, Crystal Quest and others. Use this SW4 wrench to loosen the bottom part of the housing during filter replacement.
How to use Pentek SW-4 Filter Wrench.
Slide the opening over the filter housing, until a good fit has been achieved. Rotate the wrench until it grabs the edges on a housing. Push harder to loosen the canister.
Do NOT use the SW-4 wrench to secure the canister after filter has been replaced, doing so will damage the o-rings. Always only hand tighten the housing!
Can be used with #20 Big Blue canisters, Culligan Pentek HD-950, Ace Hardware 49561, Ametek Kleen-Plus HD-10-R50 BBS, American Plumber W10-PR / 152014 water filter housings, American Plumber W15-PR / 152016 housings, Pentek 150237, 150239, 150469 whole house filter housings.
Part Number: Pentek SW-4 144368.
Brand: Pentek SW-4, SW4 water filter wrench. Also known as AK10501 AK10500.
Inside diameter: 6"

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