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Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter

Pitcher Water Filter by Crystal Quest, 4-stage Filtration, CQPT

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Brand: Crystal Quest
Price: $44.00

Dimensions: 11"x9"x4"
Weight: 1.4 lb

In stock


Using a water filter pitcher in your home is the most convenient and relatively inexpensive way to get clean drinking water. It is a step up into drinking with water filtration. The Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water chilled in from your refrigerator. This pitcher shows 99%+ chlorine removal past 20,000 gallons of water. It is the only one in its class that is designed with a series of cartridges that may fit any requirement - SMART Advanced 4-Stage Filter, SMART+Fluoride , SMART+Arsenic and Alkaline cartridge. Either one can provide up to 2,000 gallons (6-12 months) of quality drinking water.

Consumer Digest Best Buy
Voted "Best Buy" by Consumer Digest Magazine multiple years in a row since 2006 and as recent as 2012, and is also BPA FREE

Our Pitcher Advantages:

  • Simple levels of filtration for moderate needs
  • Least expensive Cost of Ownership among similar pitchers
  • Portable and ideal for traveling, camping and boating
  • No installation required and is easy to use
  • Cartridge can be upgraded to remove fluoride and arsenic , and improve water alkalinity
  • LONG LASTING CARTRIDGE: Even if you replace filter every 6 months, you are still ahead financially vs. other leading brands


  • Removes hundreds of contaminants from water.
  • Large 10-cup pitcher is perfect for entertaining or just for having lots of delicious, chilled water available.
  • Slim, space-efficient shape fits neatly into refrigerator.
  • Contemporary, stylish design.
  • Flip-top lid for easy refilling, and handle designed for comfortable pouring.
  • Provides 2,000 gallons (6-12 months) of quality water.
  • Comes with a digital filter replacement indicator.
  • 5-micron pre-filter pad within cartridge for reduction of undissolved matter.

4-stage Filtration System
SMART 4-Stage Filter.
Our Carafe Pitcher Water filter is the only leading brand with 4 stages of filtration:
1. One micron sediment pre-filter. Removes dirt, rust, sediment and any large particles from water.
2. Eagle Redox alloy 6500 and 9500 reduce iron, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals, and harmful bacteria. Also make filter bacteriostatic (no more bacteria growth) and increase the life of filter.
3. The ion exchange resin reduces heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, and water hardness. Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI 61 standard.
4. Granulated Active Carbon(GAC) or Coconut Shell Carbon media reduces chlorine, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals, such as TTHMs, toxaphene, and benzene.

You can upgrade cartridge to a Arsenic + Chloramines removing filter, Fluoride + Chloramines removing filter , or an Alkalizing cartridge that will also make water more alkaline.

Comparison with other leading brands:
Crystal Quest
Pitcher Filter
Culligan PIT-1Brita GrandPUR Ultimate
Pitcher Price$39.95$16.50$35.00$32.99
Capacity (cups)108107
Filter Life (months)6-12222
Filter Life (gallons)2,000504040
Filtration Stages4232
Filter Cost (approx.)
Cost of Ownership (2 years)

NSF Logo
* Its NSF certified Eagle Redox Alloy media reduce many contaminants, iron, mercury, chromium, lead, copper, nickel, hydrogen sulfide, and inhibits bacterial growth, algae, fungus, and other organisms.This is very important since bacterial growth is a common problem with many other water pitchers.

BPA Free Logo* Scientific studies show bisphenol A (BPA) can play havoc with hormones. The chemical is associated with adverse health effects: prostate and breast cancer, immune system dysfunction, early puberty in females, and higher rates of miscarriage. Most recently, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association linked, for the first time, ‘normal’ levels of bisphenol A in a large human population in the U.S. with higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Don't forget to add an extra replacement cartridge to your order of a Crystal Quest Carafe Water Filter!

Product Manufacturer Reference ID: CQE-PI-00600, CQE-PI-00601, CQ-PT, Pitcher-Ultimate

Water Pitcher Manual (pdf) 0.79 MB

Replacement Filters and Parts
Price Quantity
Crystal Quest Pitcher Replacement Filter
The best value you can find in a portable water filter system. Four cartridges are available, standard 4-stage SMART filter, SMART+Arsenic , SMART+Fluoride removal and Alkaline. The ...

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Customer Reviews : 3 Review(s)
1. tereds on 4/25/2014, said: 11111

We use this at every meal time. The water tastes great and was a good price. Feels well made and the filters last a long time.
  (0 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
2. Beth on 1/24/2011, said: 11110

My son goes to school at a local College. Every time I spoke with him he complained about how bad the water was in his dorm. I decided to buy him a Crystal Quest Pitcher water filter to help him diminish the unpleasant taste of his water, and he LOVES it. Now he just complains about exams, and not drinking water. Thank you!
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
3. anik on 3/31/2009, said: 11100

I want different model of water filter which use only home.I just put water one busket then its pure and stor another busket.I want import this tipe of water filter. If u can supply this tipe of water filter plz send model and rate in my mail
  (1 people found this comment helpful, 1 did not)
: 3 Review(s)