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Gard'n Grow Garden Water Filter System

Gard'n'Grow GG-2012 Garden Water Filter by Rainshower, Removes Chlorine, GG2012
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Brand: Rainshower
SKU: GG2012
List Price: $69.00
Price: $68.00

Dimensions: 9x2.5x2.5
Weight: 3.6 lb

Filter cartridge(s) included.

NSF Certified
Made in USA

Rainshower Gard'n'Gro GG2012 Garden Dechlorinator Water Filter System. Gard'n Gro water garden filter effectively removes 85% of the chlorine from garden hose water. Also great for bathing pets, summer time kid sprinkler activities, and for washing cars.
Highly chlorinated water can kill microorganisms in the soil that are there to protect the plant and its food source. Now it is possible for home gardeners to stay away from chlorinated water with Rainshowr Gard'n Gro water garden filter GG2012. The system has been upgraded from green to white - same Gard'n'Grow system, UV-protective body.

DISCONTINUED. This model is no longer manufactured. Replaced by cartridge-free Garden Grow.

Garden Water Filter GG 2012 - Dechlorinator Features

  • Inline Filter that is perfect for gardening
  • Removes 85% of chlorine from garden hose water
  • Can be used for sprinkles or kiddie pools
  • Filters 20,000 - 40,000 gallons of water
  • Protects healthy soil ecosystem
  • A simple replacement filter
  • Does not decrease water pressure, capable of 3 GPM (gallons per minute).
  • Completely non-toxic
  • Package includes filter and 2.5' attachment hose with brass ends.

How does GG2012 Gard'n Grow Remove Chlorine?

The Gard'n Gro Water Garden Filter converts free chlorine to a harmless chloride. Its unique "redox" media of copper and zinc works on the principle of electrochemical oxidation reduction. The Gard'n Gro Water Garden Filter is completely non-toxic. The "redox" media will remain effective for hundreds of usages. The Rainshower Water Hose Filter will process a minimum of 20,000 gallons of water which can be more than doubled by following simple maintenance instructions.
Water purification is great for the soil and plants in your garden! We highly recommend using Rainshowr in-line filter for all garden and lawn enthusiasts. Your plants, flowers and vegetables will love chlorine-free water!
Also known as Gard N Grow GG-100, GG100, GG-2010 (GG2010), GG3000.
Made in USA. Certified under NSA/ANSI standard 177 and received a WQA Gold Seal Award.

Want to filter out dirt and sediment? Add a Garden prefiltration filter!

*not suitable for koi fish ponds

Recycle logoFilter media: KDF 26 oz. The media is recyclable. You can send spent Rainshower cartridges to a US-based recycling company, or recycle locally. They mix oxidized brass with other metals to make bronze alloy, and will use it to make bronze artwork for parks and museums.


Replacement Filters and Parts
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Replacement Cartridge for Gard n Grow Filter
RCGG Replacement cartridge pair for the Gard'n Gro Garden Water Filter by Rainshower. Gard'n Gro water garden filter effectively removes 85% of the chlorine from garden hose water. W...
Product # RCGG

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Customer Reviews : 2 Review(s)
1. Cameron on 2/12/2011, said: 11111

I love this product! It works great, and it’s an easy way to better purify your outside water. My wife and I discovered this product when we were looking for ways to diminish the chlorine level in our out side water. Our grass was having a very difficult time growing because of the chlorine level, but after installing this filter out grass got much greener and lusher. As long as I own this house of mine I’ll be using these filters.
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2. Bill on 5/9/2010, said: 11110

I love gardening, and this product I recommend to all my fellow gardeners! If you have water with higher chlorine like I do, this filter is just what you need. I was having trouble growing flowers do to high chemicals in my water, and after using this filter, boy what a difference! Everything I’m planting now is growing so much better. I couldn’t be happier with this garden filter. Thanks!
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: 2 Review(s)