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Washing Machine Inline Water Filter

Washing Machine Water Filter Sediment Screen $24.95, IWF-01
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Washing Machine Inline Water Filter traps sediment before it reaches the washing machine inlet valve screen. Allows for water to run freely without being interrupted or clogged. Filter eliminates the need to clean the inlet valve screen. Will work on cold and hot water up to 320F (160 C) degrees.
washing machine filter
A problem area on all washing machines is the need to clean the inlet valve screen of sediment buildup. As this screen gets contaminated, the water flow slows, adding extended time to the wash cycle and distorting the water temperature. In extreme cases, the sediment gets trapped between the solenoid, allowing the water to continue to flow, creating flooding.
Our survey indicates this screen should be cleaned every 3-12 months for homeowners on well water. This screen is located behind the machine at the base of the water line and requires the machine to be pulled out, hoses disconnected, the screen carefully removed and cleaned.

Washing Machine Filter Design

Washing machine Filter housing is composed of a precisely designed mold of polypropylene material with a 5 stage graduating dead end filtration process, trapping 98% of solids, 25 micron and above. Tested and approved by an independent certified lab, Research & Analytical Laboratories, Kernersville, NC.

With the average household washing 10 loads of laundry weekly, using 15,000 gallons of water yearly, this problem is especially troublesome for the 17,000,000 homeowners on well water. Tests indicate that the use of a whole house filter lessens the problems, however doesn't prevent it as the smaller particles get through and coat the screen over time.

washing machine filter installation
Change catridges every 2-3 months for new wells, 3-6 months for an existing well without a whole house filter and every 6 months on public water or homes with a filtration system. This may vary depending on the contamination of your water source. To change the cartridge, simply unscrew the middle of the housing, remove the old and replace with the pull tab facing the washer.
The washer machine sediment filter attaches directly to the washing machine water faucets for either hot or cold intake. Good to use on hot water line - the Maximum Temperature is 320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius.
  • Washing Machine Inline Filter prevents inconsistent water temperature due to restricted water intake, created from a clogged inlet screen
    Make your washed clothes look like new!
    This product is proudly made in the USA with a satisfaction and backed by manufacturer's money back guarantee.
    Mfg # 85470
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    water filtration good worked in my washing machine
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