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Iron Removal Filter

10" Iron Removal Water Filter Cartridge, CQE-RC-04010
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Brand: Crystal Quest
SKU: CQE-RC-04010
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Price: $49.00
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Made in USA

Iron Removal Filter, standard 10"x2.5" replacement cartridge is designed to provide an easy and effective method of reducing iron from water, which greatly improves the taste. This cartridge helps to eliminate the orange and brown stains often found in sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures. Compact design allows this cartridge to be used in most countertop and under sink water filtration systems that use standard size housings.

This cartridge removes dissolved iron, also reduces possibility of damage to pipes and water heaters. Works on up to 3 ppm of dissolved iron. This cartridge is safe to use as it adds no harmful chemicals to water.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Removes dissolved iron and improves water taste.
  • Standard size compatible with many counter top and under sink systems.
  • Safe to use, adds no chemicals to water.
  • Works well for both municipal and well water.

Contaminants Reduced:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Manganese


Manufacturer ID:CQE-RC-04010
Filtration Capacity:2,500 gallons (3 ppm iron), 4,000 gallons (2 ppm iron), 8,000 gallons (1 ppm iron)
Operating Temperature(°F):40°F(5°C) - 100°F(38°C)
Operating Pressure(PSI):20 PSI (1.4 bar) - 125 PSI (8.6 bar)
Design Flow Rate:0.3 - 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute) , RECOMMENDED flow (and best performance) at 0.5 GPM
Micron Rating:5 nominal
End Caps:Polypropylene #5
Inner/Outer Wraps:Polyolefin
Netting:Food Grade High-density Polyethylene

Where Can I use Iron Removal Filter?

Iron Removal filter can be used in under counter or counter top water filters. It will work well for both municipal and well water.

- This cartridge is NOT designed to work in Whole House Water Filtration Systems with large iron content, such as well water systems. It is designed for under sink or countertop systems. It works by turning dissolved iron into non-dissolved, then oxygenating iron and turning it into rust, which will clog the cartridge. If you have a higher than normal iron content or want a whole house solution, you should use a backwashing iron removal system.

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