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Nitrate Filter Cartridge

Nitrate Removal Water Filter Cartridge, CQE-RC-04007
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Brand: Crystal Quest
SKU: CQE-RC-04007
List Price: $57.00
Price: $57.00

Weight: 2.1 lb

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Made in USA

Nitrate Filter Cartridge by CRYSTAL QUEST, standard 10"x2.5" replacement filter cartridge for use with many under-sink and countertop systems(see Related Items below) manufactured by CRYSTAL QUEST and a select of other brands. Contains a special macroporous strong base anion and nitrate-selective resin which is specially designed for the removal of nitrates from water for potable processes. The resin has Highest Operating Capacity of any Nitrate Selective Resin Low Pressure drop while maintaining superior kinetics. Nitrate reduction is 90% to 95% and breakthrough is not affected by sulfate levels. The capacity is 5500 ppm of nitrates as CaCO3. To calculate capacity, first calculate the ppm of nitrates as CaCO3, then divide that number into 5500 to get the gallons.

Optimum performance is achieved at 0.5 GPM (gallon per minute). Be aware, that the higher the flow rate, the less nitrates will be removed from water. The cartridge capacity is 8700 ppm of nitrates as NO3. This cartridge can be regenerated using sodium chloride brine. Sodium chloride is generally preferred for regeneration for reasons of cost and efficiency. When available sea water can be used quite effectively. The use of softened water for make up of regenerant and rinse is often recommended to avoid the precipitation of calcium carbonate in and around the CQ-N250 (or any other resin used in this application). Although the precipitation is not particularly detrimental in the short term, the long term effects may include increased resin attrition and leakage of nitrates.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 5-micron rating.
  • Contains a special nitrate-selective resin.
  • 90% to 95% Nitrate reduction.
  • 5500 ppm of nitrates capacity.
  • Cartridge can be regenerated using Sodium chloride or Potassium chloride brine.
  • Can be installed in many under-sink and countertop systems.
  • Removes certain monovalent ions like nitrates, bromides, iodides, etc.


Manufacturer ID:CQE-RC-04007
Dimensions(LxHxW):9-3/4" x 2-7/8"
Nitrate Filtration Capacity:510 grains or 8700 ppm
Operating Temperature(°F):40°F - 100°F
Operating Pressure(psi):20 psi - 125 psi
Design Flow Rate(Gallons per Minute, gpm):0.5 gpm
Micron Rating:5 nominal
Filter Life(months):6-12 months
End Caps:Polypropylene
Inner/Outer Wraps:Polyolefin

Regeneration Steps:
Use kitchen salt (or potassium chloride) and room temperature water.

1. Soak cartridge for 30 minutes in salt water
2. Rinse or soak cartridge for 30 minutes in salt-free water
3. Shake cartridge well. Rinse it.
4. Install cartridge into a housing and flush it - run water through it for 5-10 minutes.

- This cartridge can be regenerated using sodium chloride brine.
- Media in this cartridge is a strong base anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads. It is especially useful in nitrate removal applications due to its ability to remove nitrates in the presence of sulphates and other divalent ions.
- The resin has Highest Operating Capacity of Any Nitrate Selective Resin

Manufactured in USA

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