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Elegant UltraFiltration Bottleless Water Cooler

Crystal Quest CQE-WC-00904 Elegant Bottleless Water Cooler with Ultrafiltration, CQ-ELEGANT-FWC

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Brand: Crystal Quest
List Price: $1,259.00
Price: $860.00

As Low As $24 Per Month details

Dimensions: 44.25"(H) x 15.75"(W) x 13.5"(D)
Weight: 82 lb

Filter cartridge(s) included.


Discontinued. Microprocessor Controlled, Elegant Floor Bottleless Water Cooler with 4-stage water filtration. Connect to cold water line for continuous water supply, or pour water through the top and wheel to desired location, such as conference room!
This unit has been discontinued and is no longer available.
Elegant design, attractive control panel with a display, separate hot and cold power switches and easy to clean, large capacity room temperature reservoir - this unit is easy to use and loaded with convenient features.
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Elegant Bottleless Water Cooler control panel
Attractive Display & Control Panel

Bottleless Water Cooler pour water and wheel
Just pour water and wheel to location. Optional caster for mobility.

Elegant Floor Water Cooler features

  • Microprocessor control panel
  • Separate hot and cold power switches
  • Adjustable cold and hot water
  • High grade type 304 Stainless Steel Hot and Cold water tanks
  • Easy access front panel for service
  • Turn off heating of cooling to get cool water
  • Elegant Bottleless Water Cooler filter types

    Water travels through a 4-stage water filter to remove most contaminants and produce crystal clear, fresh and tasty water - no bottles to buy!
  • In Stage 1 water travels through a 5 micron sediment filter cartridge that removes any non-dissolved particles larger than 5 micron.
  • In Stage 2 water passes through Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) cartridge, removing wide variety of organic contaminants, including chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THMs, Benzene), pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), PCBs, MTBEs, and hundreds of other chemical contaminants. This also improves water taste and removes odors.
  • In Stage 3 water travels through a 0.2 micron UltraFiltration membrane (UF) which removes most bacteria, colloids, proteins, parasites and other organic molecules larger than 0.2 Micron size.
  • In Stage 4 water flows through a combination cartridge which in itself is a 6-stage water filter that incorporates 1-micron filter pads, KDF/GAC and ceramic balls that will remove heavy metals and improve water quality.
  • Cooler Specifications

    Hot water tank volume
    0.5 gallon
    Cold water tank volume
    1.2 gallon
    Storage Reservoir tank volume
    1.5 gallon
    + Hot water tank temperature
    176°F - 194°F
    + Heating capacity
    0.5 gallons per hour
    + Cooling capacity
    1.5 gallons per hour
    Available in 120V/60Hz or 240V/50Hz
    Heating power
    Cooling power
    Filters life
    2 years
    Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year (excluding filters), and 3 years for compressor.
    Each POU bottleless water cooler undergoes a mandatory 72-hour manufacturer test before being shipped.
    Bottle-less cooler comes with installation hardware and instructions. Call a number in the manual during installation if you have any questions!
    Mfg#: CQE-WC-00904, CQEWC00904
    Filter cartridges are included with the system.

    Replacement Filters and Parts
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    Inline Sediment Cartridge
    CRYSTAL QUEST Water Cooler Sediment Filter Cartridge is a replacement filter cartridge for Bottle-less Water Coolers. It is one of the stages ...
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    Inline GAC Cartridge
    CRYSTAL QUEST Water Cooler/Reverse Osmosis Granulated Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (GAC) Filter Cartridge is a replacement filter cartridge for Bo...
    Product # CQE-RC-04038
    Inline Ultrafiltration Membrane
    The 0.2 micron Inline Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Filter is designed for use with Bottleless Water Coolers and Reverse Osmosis systems and ot...
    Product # CQE-RC-04039
    Inline Multistage Cartridge SMART
    SMART Inline Multistage Cartridge by CRYSTAL QUEST, a replacement filter cartridge with 6 stages of filtration. It is designed to be used with ...
    Product # CQE-RC-04040
    Cup Holder
    Cup Holder for Crystal Quest Filtered Water Coolers. Cup holders can also be used with other bottleless and bottled cooler brands, regardless if it...
    Product # CQE-PT-03059
    Paper Cups 50 pc
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