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Jupiter Water Ionizers

Jupiter Science (Dong Yang Science) has been making water ionized water filters since 1984. The fact that the Jupiter Masterpiece, its original product, is still selling well in the US after 8 years is testimony to the enduring strength of Jupiter.

Jupiter continues to expand their market, continues to demonstrate product innovation tempered with twenty five years' experience, and continues to deliver no-fuss customer support. Jupiter introduced the two year warranty that every one tries to match. Jupiter is the only CE approved water ionized water filter on the market and therefore are the only one admitted to the EEC. And Jupiter is created in a state of the art ISO9001 plant.

All of these innovations cost money and it is Jupiter's steady growth that has fueled these important steps. As a trading partner Dong Yang Science stands alone. As an innovator they have no equal in their field. As a company, they deliver what they promise.

Jupiter Melody JP 104 Water Ionizer

Jupiter Melody JP 104
SKU: JP-104
Our Price: $1,695.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA

Jupiter Biostone Filter
Our Price: $89.95
Under Sink Install Kit for Jupiter Ionizers

Under Sink Install Kit for Jupiter Ionizers
Our Price: $199.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA
Jupiter VenusWater Ionizers JP107A

Jupiter Venus JP107A
Our Price: $1,295.00
Free shipping in Continetal USA

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