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Paragon Water Filters and Shower Filters

Paragon Water Filters have been around for a while. Several Paragon shower filters and countertop filters have been sold in major hardware stores and on TV. These are high quality filters with excellent design and durability. Several shower and countertop filters carry NSF certification.
Paragon is an OEM design / manufacturing company that produces shower filters and other residential and light commercial water filtration systems for various big brands. They have over 20 years of manufacturing experience in water industry and numerous NSF / WQA certified products. We are a Paragon Water Authorized Distributor. Systems and cartridges that we sell may come in a generic brown packaging, but they are identical to products that are sold by Clean and Pure and several other brands.

Rain Shower Head with Filter, Rainfall Sunflower Filtered Showerheads

Rain Shower Head with Filter
Our Price: $67.99
Handheld Shower Filter, Filtered Shower Head

Paragon Hand Held Shower Filter
Our Price: $49.95
Integrated Shower Filter wall mounted WMF-1

Paragon Integrated Shower Filter
Sale Price: $34.95
P3200 Counter Top Water Filter Chrome

Counter Top Water Filter Chrome
SKU: P3200CA
Our Price: $129.00
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Paragon G6 Water Filter Countertop

Clean and Pure G6 Countertop Water Filter
Sale Price: $70.00
Paragon Water Filter P3050 Countertop

No-maintenance Paragon Countertop Filter
SKU: P3050CT
Our Price: $69.95
Paragon Countertop Replacement cartridge P2901RC

Paragon Countertop Replacement cartridge
SKU: P2901RC
Sale Price: $29.95
Shower filter Replacement cartridge for HSF1 and WMF1

Paragon Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge SFRC1
Our Price: $19.95
Paragon Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge for P2200, P2201 and P2301

Paragon Shower Replacement Cartridge
SKU: P2201RC
Sale Price: $16.95

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