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Doulton Water Filters, British Berkefeld

Manufacturer Image: Doulton
Royal Doulton is a british manufacturer of high quality ceramic water filters. Doulton Filters are usually gravity fed through one or more ceramic candles. Company has been formed in 1827 by Henry Doulton who developed ceramic water filtration process.
Doulton water filters, because they are gravity fed, are used by a variety of emergency relief organizations around the world, and also in situations where there's a potential bacteria or pathogen growth in water supply.
Ceramic filters contain traces of silver, which inhibits bacteria growth and makes the filter self-sterilizing.
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Doulton Super Sterasyl W9121200 7 inch Candle

Doulton Super Sterasyl 7 inch Candle
SKU: W9121200
Price: $36.00
Doulton Super Sterasyl W9121750 Candle Filter

Doulton Super Sterasyl Micro Filter 10"
SKU: W9121750
Price: $34.50
Doulton Supercarb W9122021 Candle Filter

Doulton SuperCarb Ceramic Filter Candle
SKU: W9122021
Doulton Ultracarb W9123053 Candle Filter

Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic Filter Candle
SKU: W9123053
Price: $56.00
Doulton Sterasyl W9223002 OBE Filter

Doulton W9223002 Ultracarb Slimline Cartridge OBE
SKU: W9223002
Price: $59.00
Doulton W9220406 Imperial Sterasyl OBE Filter

Doulton Imperial Sterasyl OBE W9220406
SKU: W9220406
Price: $52.00
Doulton W9125030 Fluoride Removal Candle Filter

Doulton Fluoride Reduction Filter
SKU: W9125030
Price: $46.00