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Aries FilterWorks Filters

Manufacturer Image: AriesAries FilteWorks, a division of ResinTech, brings you a long history of quality water purification. ResinTech is famous for its premium Ion Exchange Resins and Activated Carbon products, which is a foundation of water purification technologies. At Aries, filters are manufactured in USA in a state of the art facility utilizing latest manufacturing technologies.
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Phoenix Lab Water Purification System Aries Academ

Aries Phoenix Laboratory Water Purification System

Aries Deionizer Filter Cartridge 10"
SKU: AF-10-4010
Price: $44.00
Aries Fluoride Filter Cartridge AF-10-3690 10 inch

Aries Fluoride Reduction Filter Cartridge 10"
SKU: AR-10-F
Price: $43.00
Aries GAC+KDF Filter Cartridge AF-10-2010

Aries GAC/KDF Filter Cartridge 10"
SKU: AF-10-2010
Price: $32.00
Aries Phoenix Dual Conditioning Cartridges PX-13-5

Aries Phoenix Dual Conditioning Cartridge
SKU: PX-13-5001
Price: $475.00
Aries Phoenix Ultrapure Poishing Water Filter

Aries Phoenix Polishing Ultrapure Cartridge
SKU: PX-13-5103
Price: $268.00

Aries Scale Reduction Cartridge 10"
SKU: AF-10-3305
Price: $24.00