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Pentek Water Filters Pentair

Manufacturer Image: Pentek
Pentair is one of the largest water companies with headquarters in Minneapolis that sells over $3 bln. of water purification products per year. We carry a number of their filters and parts under different brands - Pentek Water Filters , Fleck and more.

Some of the products by Pentair are now water purification industry standards.
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Pentek 150235 Whole House Filter Housing 1.5

Pentek 20" Big Blue Water Filter Housing 1.5 inch
SKU: P150235
Price: $94.00
Pentek SW1-A Water Filter Wrench

Pentek SW1-A Wrench 150539
Price: $7.99
Pentek SW-2 Water Filter Wrench

Pentek SW-2 Wrench 150295
Price: $7.99
Pentek SW-3 Water Filter Wrench

Pentek SW-3 Wrench 150296
Price: $7.99
Pentek SW-4 Water Filter Wrench 144368

Pentek SW-4 Wrench 144368
Price: $7.99
Pentek Mounting Bracket 244043

Pentek Mounting Bracket 244043
SKU: PTK-244043
Price: $6.95
Pentek BB-L-1020 Mounting Bracket for Whole House

Pentek Mounting Bracket BB-L-1020
SKU: PTK-BB-L-1020
Price: $22.00
Pentek Mounting Bracket Kit 244047

Pentek Mounting Bracket Kit 244047
SKU: PTK-244047
Price: $8.25
Pentek UB-1 Mounting Bracket 151011

Pentek UB-1 Mounting Bracket 151011
Price: $14.00
O-Rings for Big Blue 10x5 and 20x5 Water Filter

O-Rings for Big Blue Housings, 5.75" Diameter
SKU: CQE-PT-03189
Price: $7.95