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KX Matrikx Filters, KX Industries Inc. Carbon Cartridges

Manufacturer Image: KX Matrikx
KX Industries, L.P. , KX Matrikx ® Industries Water Filters. KX Matrikx Water Filters are available to fit almost any residential or commercial application, including under sink and Reverse Osmosis systems. All KX Matrikx extruded carbon filters are manufactured using FDA-compliant material. A number of KX Matrikx Carbon Filters are designed to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53 for drinking water.
KX Matrikx Carbon Block filter cartridges come in standard 10x2.5, 20x2.5, 10x4.5 and 20x4.5 sizes, and are divided into 4 main groups:
  • CTO - chlorine, taste and odor reduction filters (Good filtration, 5 micron)
  • VOC (+5) - Being Discontinued. Chlorine, taste, odor and Volatile Organic Compounds reduction (Better filtration , 5 micron absolute, 0.6 micron nominal)
  • CTO Plus (+1) - chlorine, taste, odor, high Volatile Organic Compounds reduction and 0.6 micron (Better filtration)
  • +Pb1 - lead, cyst reduction, plus chlorine, taste, odor removal (Best filtration, 0.5 micron)
    The most popular filters are KX Matrikx CTO Carbon Block Filter ("The Workhorse"), KX Matrikx VOC Carbon Block ("A Sweeter Taste") and KX Matrikx +Pb1 ("Premier Performance") filters.