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Air Disinfection: Ozone Generators and Ultraviolet Air Sterilizers

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Crystal Quest® Ozone generators have many advantages. Our Ozone generators are designed in many sizes for for air and surface disinfection of small and personal items, residential dwellings, businesses and commercial properties, laboratories, medical clinics and facilities, and industrial dwellings and factories.

Crystal Quest® is Helping Companies Get Back to Business With Ozone Disinfection: A Natural, Easy-to-Use and Affordable Disinfection Solution.

Discover more about the CDC-Recommended method 99.9% proven disinfect viruses and other microorganisms.
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KN95 Disposable Face Masks 95 Percent Filtration KN95 Disposable Face Masks 95 Percent Filtration

Introducing high quality KN95 disposable face masks. > 95% filtration. LARGE STOCK in our warehouse in Miami, available NOW.

Our masks are sourced from the highest quality material, are safe, soft, comfortable and extremely effective against virally tainted air...
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Price: $3.95 

Ozone Generators for COVID-19 Coronavirus Disinfectand
SKU: OZ-200
Ozone generators are:
  • anti-viral
  • anti-microbial
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Starting at: $98.00