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Shower Filter, Chlorine Shower Filters

Shower Filters provide a lot of benefits, the most important of which is Chlorine Removal. There are many other advantages of having a filtrating showerhead, such as reduction of soap scum, prevention of dry skin and hair, and odor removal. Many chlorine removing shower filters (sometimes called filtered shower heads) also remove or greatly reduce synthetic chemicals and organic compounds that can be absorbed through skin.
There are 2 major types of media primarily used by shower filters: Granular Activated Carbon, and KDF . We did a painstaking research for you, and are offering Top Filtered Shower Heads on the market, with a short exception of several products that we do not carry or have no access to. Many other materials have been tried, and there are several products on the market that claim they have something better, or that they remove multitude of other contaminants such as fluoride. Usually if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
How Shower Filters Work.
A typical Filtered Showerhead consists of a body (usually very sturdy plastic) that can be opened, and a smaller replacement cartridge that goes inside. Water will flow through and contaminants are trapped inside the replaceable filter. There are models on the market (and we carry several) that are solid and can't be replaced, in this case whole system is typically replaced when it is exhausted.

Our Rainshow'r and Paragon shower filters are NSF-certified. You can review certifications of these and several other shower filter systems by going to NSF website here: NSF-certified shower filters. Below is our list of filters for shower:

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Rain Shower Head with Filter, Rainfall Sunflower Filtered Showerheads Rain Shower Head with Filter
Elegant european-style 6" Chrome Finish Shower Head with Filter. Unique design and 60 nozzles creates luxurious shower experience. It's just like showering in the rainfall! A sunflower showerhead with 10,000 gallons water filter. NSF-certified for chlorine...

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Price: $89.99

Handheld Shower Filter, Filtered Shower Head Paragon Hand Held Shower Filter
10,000 gallon integrated Paragon Hand-held Shower Filter. Convenient hand-held design and 99% chlorine reduction, this product is a must! Easy no-hassle installation. Reduces chlorine, restores natural softness to hair, scalp and skin. Also sold under several well known...

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Price: $56.95

Integrated Shower Filter wall mounted WMF-1 Paragon Integrated Shower Filter
10,000 gallons integrated Wall Mounted Shower Filter with replaceable cartridge by Paragon. Reduces chlorine by over 99%. Takes virtually no space in shower, easy installation. You may recognize this filtering system as being very similar as the one...

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Price: $42.95

Rainshower Restore Shower Filter CQ-1000 Rainshower Restore Shower Filter CQ-1000NH
SKU: CQ-1000NH
NSF-certified long-lasting Restore Shower Filter by Rainshower. This System has been pioneered over a decade ago and has become an Industry Standard. Converts chlorine into harmless soluble chloride, crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower "feel". Your skin will...

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Price: $41.00

Rainshower Shower Filter with Shower Head chromed or massaging Rainshower shower filter CQ-1000 with Shower Head
SKU: CQ-1000-DS
CQ-1000 Dechlorinating shower filter with crystalline quartz replaceable cartridge with a shower head. Removes harmful chlorine in the shower. Our proprietary KDF formula provides a better performance per ounce of KDF than other shower filters. Also uses Crystalline...

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Starting at: $54.00

Crystal Quest Shower Filter without Showerhead Crystal Quest Shower Filter Luxury Shower Power
Crystal Quest Shower Filter Luxury Shower Power is one of the most advanced and highly rated on the market. A Consumer Digest Best Buy numerous years in a row for a decade, it features 2 stages of...

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Price: $45.00

Rainshower Relax Chlorine removing Bath Ball Rainshower Relax Chlorine Removing Bath Ball
SKU: BATH-3000
The Rainshower RELAX Bath Ball is perfect for those who enjoy a leisurely bath and essential to dechlorinate your bath before use. The ball can be swished in the water for 2 minutes or placed under the faucet. The crystal ball for the bath is an entirely new concept in...

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Price: $42.00

What is a Cost of Shower Filter?

A typical Shower Filtration System (body and a cartridge) costs between $30 and $50. Look for Certified Systems. Luxury units can go for $70 - $100. Systems that are sold at over $100 are typically priced very high, and a further research is recommended to see why.

Fluoride Removing Shower Filters

We get this question a lot. Do Shower Filters remove fluoride? The answer is NO, they do not. There is no media on the market that can remove fluoride consistently, at a typical fast shower flow rate and wide temperature range, that also fits tiny shower filter body. It can be reduced in variable degree however. If you found a website or a product that claims otherwise , most likely what you are seeing is snake oil salesmen. Run from those sites as there's no guarantee that any other information they provide is also correct. Oftentimes it is a hobby site ran by someone who has very vague understanding of water purification technologies.
Shower filter that can remove fluoride exists, but it is 5 foot tall and is called a Whole House Fluoride Removal System. If you found a website that makes an outrageous claim about their shower filter, be aware that there may be other information there that is also incorrect or exaggerated. Contact us here if you have any questions.