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Residential Water Filtration

Residential Water Filtration category contains systems that are used in residences. From Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems to point of use , commonly used - like faucet, counter top filters, and filtered pitchers, we have you covered. Most filters we sell are either NSF-certified, or use certified NSF material. You can compare and review certifications of these and several other water filters by going to NSF website here: NSF-certified water filters.

Residential Reverse Osmosis
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Whole House Water Purification Systems
Well Water Systems
Personal and Portable Water Filters
Shower and Bath Filters

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 1500 gpd Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 1500 gpd
SKU: CQE-CO-02026
Commercial / Whole House Reverse Osmosis System that produces 1500 gallons per day. System uses Two 2.5" x 40" TFC HF1 Reverse Osmosis Membranes, for maximum rejection of impurities and high...

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Price: $3,890.00
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Home Water Softener and Iron Removal Water Filter Dual Tank Water Softener and Iron+Manganese Removal System
SKU: CQE-WH-01203
Dual Tank Whole House Water Softener and Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide removal Water System. Designed to remove hardness, iron and rotten egg smell for both city and well water. Tanks come with automatic controllers and will backwash themselves on scheduled...

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Price: $2,330.00

Large Home Water Filter Automatic Eagle 2000A-FG Eagle Whole House Water Filter System
SKU: CQE-WH-02111
Our State of the Art Whole House Water Filtration System with 14 stages - a significant upgrade over Multi-Media and Carbon filters. This unit is our flagship product, delivering healthy, better-tasting water for your family to...

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Price: $1,860.00

Whole House Filter Dual Cartridge 20''x5'' For High-Flow Water Filtration High-Flow Whole House Filter Double 20
SKU: CQE-WH-01108
Heavy-duty Big Blue Double 20"x5" Whole House Water Filter by Crystal Quest is a 7 stage filter system guaranteed to deliver healthy, better-tasting water for your family. Filtration process is distributed into 2 20" x 5" "Big Blue"...

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Price: $690.00
Sale Price: $650.00

Salt-Free Water Softener and Scale Removal System Salt-Free Water Softener Anti-Scale System
SKU: CQE-WH-02132
Saltless Water Conditioner and Anti-Scale system is a Whole House application with 4 stages of filtration process that can deliver softer water and trouble free operation for many years. A new break-through technology designed to...

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Price: $1,745.00

Crystal Quest Triple Undersink Water Filter Triple Under Sink Water Filter, 8-Stage
SKU: CQE-US-00309
Triple Undersink Water Filter, an 8-Stage three cartridge filtration system by CRYSTAL QUEST(Also known as Mega 3000). This Under Counter Water Filtration System saves kitchen counter space and...

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Price: $178.00

Countertop Water Filter Stainless Steel Mega Countertop Water Filter Stainless Steel

Mega Stainless Steel Single Replaceable Cartridge Countertop Water Filter by CRYSTAL QUEST is a kitchen counter system equipped with a 6-stage filtration replaceable cartridge. The system sits...
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Price: $148.00

Countertop Water Filter Disposable CQE-CT-00100 Countertop Water Filter No Cartridge
SKU: CQE-CT-00100
CRYSTAL QUEST Classic Disposable Countertop Water Filter is designed with elegance, functionality and maintenance-free. The system sits side by side with your faucet giving you an instant option to have filtered and none filtered...

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Price: $104.00

Pitcher Water Filter by Crystal Quest Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter
Using a water filter pitcher in your home is the most convenient and relatively inexpensive way to get clean drinking water. It is a step up into drinking with water filtration. The Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean,...

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Price: $39.95