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Faucet Mounted Water Filters Kitchen

Faucet mounted Water Filters are a good starter's choice, and an easy way to get filtered water for homes and apartments. Just attach a filter to a kitchen faucet, and enjoy filtered water directly from a tap. Installation is a breeze, no plumbing or tools required. We carry several kitchen faucet water filters with exceptional filtration capabilities. Crystal Quest Kitchen Faucet Water Filters are the only faucet water filters on the market with a 5-stage filtration system.

What is a Cost of a Faucet Filter?

The most important question to ask is actually "What is a True Cost of a Tap Filter? True cost consists of the price of a unit plus a year or two of replacement cartridges. A typical over-the-counter faucet includes a 1- or 2-stage carbon filter that you must replace every 2 months. This adds up to more than double of the cost of our longer lasting units that work 6-12 months between replacements.
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Faucet Mounted Water Filter Chrome CrystalQuest CrystalQuest Faucet Water Filter Chrome
Enjoy delicious, healthy water straight from your tap with CRYSTAL QUEST Faucet Mount Water Filter - Chrome finish design. Faucet Mount Filtration System is the most advanced water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting...
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Price: $39.95

Pitcher Water Filter by Crystal Quest Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter
Using a water filter pitcher in your home is the most convenient and relatively inexpensive way to get clean drinking water. It is a step up into drinking with water filtration. The Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean,...

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Price: $39.95

Over-the-counter faucets include such well known brands as Brita and PUR. They are well designed and work great at removing chlorine.

A typical faucet filter costs between $20 and $40 , plus $50-$80 of replacement filters (you would need a 6-pack). Some brands advertise that "yes , it leaves behind beneficial fluoride".
We have our own vision on fluoride, we believe that it should at least not be mandated, and people who want it should make a choice of buying fluoridated water and toothpaste. If you want fluoride out of your drinking water, be aware that faucet filters do not remove it and you need something more advanced. Have a look at our Fluoride Removal Filters.