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Customer Testimonials

Below is some of our recent Residential Customer Testimonials. You can also see what people say about our products on product pages.industrial tanksFor Commercial and Industrial Systems, visit Commercial Water Systems Case Studies page.

Residential Customer Testimonials:

Product: Clean and Pure G6 Countertop Water Filter   08/08/18
Product Rating: 11111
Received filter and installed it on our kitchen faucet. It took longer to go to shop and get my pliers (to remove the aerator from on the faucet) than it took to hook up the filter. We have been using "Dasani" bottled water, but after instillation and flushing the filter, I can NOT taste the difference between the filtered water and our old bottled water. Unit worked as well as advertised. Simple to install, and Pure water. Could not be more pleased! Jim H.

Product: In-line Refrigerator Water Filter   06/29/18
Product Rating: 11111
I installed the RFB ULTIMATE about a month ago. Before installing the ice had a chlorine taste to it, ruining any drinks we added ice to. Since installing the filter the ice is sparkling clear and completely tasteless. It is important to note that results are not instantaneous. I had to fill and empty the ice tray 3-4 times to rid the system of residual chlorine.
Raymond A. Wakefield, VA

Product: Pentek 155109 10 inch GAC Cartridge   05/16/17
Product Rating: 11111
Great filter. we had a terrible chlorine problem with our city water. Had been using a carbon block filter from Walmart. It just wasn't working. I ordered this GAC-10 filter, plus a CQ-R5 and installed them in series. We now have perfectly clean and clear tasting water. And we actually have better water pressure than when we were just using a single cheapo filter. I highly recommend these filters.
Steven H. Olney, IL

Product: Clean and Pure G6 Countertop Water Filter   03/06/17
Product Rating: 11111
I have had mine almost 2 years! And I love it! Don't have to worry about packing cases of water any more. I told a friend and she got hers soon after I did. I haven't had a problem. I actually would recommend it to everyone in Arizona. I also ordered mine from HSN. THANK YOU!
Shirley R.

Product: In-line Refrigerator Water Filter   02/15/16
Product Rating: 11111
Hi , i bought this filter last year and i am plenty satisfied. I live at Brazil, and we are concern about an chemical larvicide called PYRIPROXYFEN. It's supposed to disturb the life cycle of the mosquito , but could be a relation with the microcephaly. Have you ever test it? If so, is this filter effective? Thanks.
Felipe J. San Clemente, CA

Product: Under Sink Water Filter Triple with Fluoride Removal   10/06/15
Product Rating: 11111
I have had this filter now for over a year and i have been very happy with it. i feel much better drinking filtered water and all of my dogs get it too. Will never be without one again. Fluoride is very toxic and causes many diseases and illness. i hate drinking water out somewhere away from home. like a restaurant or something. I also have one on my refrigerator.
Debbie D. Burleson, TX

Product: G4 G5 Cooler Compatible Replacement Cartridge Set   09/16/15
Product Rating: 11111
This product was super easy to order and arrived faster than I expected. has exceptional customer service standards and will lend assistance and provide answers to any concerns or issues you may have extremely quickly. I won't oder filters anywhere else!
Phillip J. Toronto, ON

Product: 6-stage Water Filter Cartridge   06/15/15
Product Rating: 11111
I use this mounted before the water line goes to the frig and filters it again. I get water from the frig for everything cooking drinking etc.. It tastes great but after a year I recommend replacing because the housing tends to get stagnent and needs a good cleaning. Great product.
dan t. highlands, NJ

Product: Aries Fluoride Reduction Filter Cartridge 10"   06/10/15
Product Rating: 11111
Looks excellent. It fits the standard filters from (I bought a 3 stage kit here 2yrs ago), and it is packed with a heft hefty amount of fluoride absorbing media. I'm going to get the Aries KDF+GAC and switch to Aries on the next filter change.
Bertrand L. Rochester, NY

Product: Under Sink Water Filter Triple with Fluoride Removal   03/16/15
Product Rating: 11111
Easy, great quality, great customer service.
Martin J. North Miami Beach, FL

Product: Triple Under Sink Water Filter, 8-Stage   03/16/15
Product Rating: 11111
The product is really good quality, very easy to install. The company has a great customer service. I recommend this product, very much!
Martin J. North Miami Beach, FL

Product: 20"x5" Carbon Block Cartridge   09/03/14
Product Rating: 11111
I am a retired business manager. You folks have a great product
George C. LeRoy, MN

Product: Paragon Shower Replacement Cartridge   09/02/14
Product Rating: 11111
Were we live water is really hard, water spots and clogged water appliances everywhere. I've never expected it to be fixed with a simple shower filter untill I tried Paragon. Now I am back for replacement cartridge, which lasted reasonable amount of time. Does wonders for my skin and hair! By all means, if you can afford a water softener or a conditioner, get it because this shower filter is small, but if you can't try it.
Kelly W. Los Angeles, CA

Product: Undersink Nitrate Water Filter Triple, 8-stage   07/01/14
Product Rating: 11111
Reduced my well water Nitrate level from 11.6 mg/L. To. .650 mg/L. This is also called ameba 3000 system. Great! Thanks. JayCee Edge
James E. Knotts island, NC

Product: Crystal Quest Pitcher Water Filter   04/25/14
Product Rating: 11111
We use this at every meal time. The water tastes great and was a good price. Feels well made and the filters last a long time.
tereds e. Jacksonville, FL

Product: Stainless Filtered Water Bottle With Flip Top, Radiological   04/25/14
Product Rating: 11111
Great to hold, feels really strong and well made, no strange taste. Just nice clear water!
tereds e. Jacksonville, FL

Product: Seychelle Straw Camping Water Purifier, Advanced   04/25/14
Product Rating: 11111
We take these camping at the weekends and keep one in the car. Really great invention and could save your life.
tereds e. Jacksonville, FL

Product: Eagle A1000AS Anti-Scale Saltless Water Conditioner   04/25/14
Product Rating: 11111
Simple to install and works really well. Delivery was quick. I had a question about this before I made my purchase and they answered quickly.
tereds e. Jacksonville, FL

Product: Well Water Test Kit   04/25/14
Product Rating: 11111
Really useful test kit and so easy to use. It was really important to me to test the water here and this test kit was great.
tereds e. Jacksonville, FL

Product: Clean and Pure G6 Countertop Water Filter   04/07/14
Product Rating: 11111
I have one thing to say about your water filters. GREAT!! I bought our first system off HSN. My wife and I drink a lot of water. I'LL admit I didn't believe that they would do the things that they say. I do now. Your water filters have save us an unknown amount of money. I hope we never have to do without your filters again.

Product: Paragon Countertop Replacement cartridge   02/17/14
Product Rating: 11111
Super seller!
Karen Y. Norco, LA

Product: Crystal Bath Ball Dechlorynator   02/13/14
Product Rating: 11111
thank you for following up! Great customer service!
Marguerite P. Houston, TX

Product: GE Osmonics TFM-24 RO Membrane   01/20/14
Product Rating: 11111
Thanks again for you help in resolving this for me. A+ in customer satisfaction.
Jeffrey H. Antioch, CA

Product: Fluoride Removal Countertop Filter Triple   10/02/13
Product Rating: 11111
I can honestly state that this company stands by their clients. Products they carry are of high quality and of phenomenally large selection. I have a stainless steel version of this system and like it very much. Highly recommended. Slawomir - client since January 2012
Slawomir G. Etobicoke, ON

Product: Under Sink Water Filter Triple with Fluoride Removal   09/16/13
Product Rating: 11111
Had many different water filters over the last 20 years. Why? Because "If you don't have a filter - YOU ARE the filter!" We live in an area where they add WAY to much Fluoride to the water - plus - our water comes way downstream from the Ohio River. The taste, clarity, and actual water quality analysis confirm that this was our best purchase to-date. Replacement cartridges are simple and cost effective. OH! Our friends like our water so much four of them have purchased it for themselves!
John T. Georgetown, KY

Product: CrystalQuest Faucet Water Filter   08/01/13
Product Rating: 11111
We recommended it for everybody who like drink fresh, clean and taste water.
Pavel M. Chattahoochee, FL

Product: Hot Water Filter Housing   07/26/13
Product Rating: 11111
=Hello, I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I have been having trouble with my dishwasher for over 3 years leaving white chunks all over my dishes. I got rid of my first one thinking that it had just died. Then I bought a brand new one and it did the same thing so I returned it. Then a few months ago we were given one and it did the same thing. We replaced all our sewer lines thinking it wasn't draining well and still the same thing. Then a friend of mine suggested it might be coming from the hot water heater since it was so old and to try a filter. Well it took me forever to find one for hot water until I found your site - and guess what - NO MORE CHUNCKS!!! YEA!!!! We have 7 people in our house and a dishwasher was definitely a necessity. So again Thanks so much for having such a wonderful product. :)
Regina P. Marshall, AR

Product: 6-stage Water Filter Cartridge   05/02/13
Product Rating: 11111
Jerald A. San Diego, CA

Product: Thunder 1000CP Reverse Osmosis System with Pump   02/23/13
Product Rating: 11111
Just installed it a few days ago with the optional Natural alkalizer/ionizer, mineralizer cartridge. performs excellently. i plan on doing a water test before and after the reverse osmosis unit. i am on a gravity fed well and after my reverse osmosis unit gets done with the water it tastes great.
phillip y. hysham, MT

Product: Fluoride Multi PLUS Water Filter, No Cartridge   01/20/13
Product Rating: 11111
randall b. marshall, WI