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Water Filter Installation Instructions and Manuals

Below we provide detailed installation documents and instructions for some of the fater filtration systems sold on our site.

Crystal Quest Installation Instructions

Countertop and Point of Use Systems
  • Countertop water filter installation instructions

  • Under Sink and Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Crystal Quest under sink disposable system installation (.pdf)
  • Crystal Quest under sink Mega system installation single, dual and triple cartridge under sink systems (.pdf)
  • Crystal Quest Reverse Osmosis installation Manual, Thunder RO systems (.pdf)
  • Reverse Osmosis system installation diagram

  • Whole House Systems
  • Crystal Quest Eagle 2000A Installation Manual, automatic backwashing (.pdf)
  • Crystal Quest Eagle 2000 FG Installation Manual, manual backwash (.pdf)
  • Crystal Quest Whole House system installation diagram (.pdf)
  • Crystal Quest Whole House Dual tank system installation diagram (.pdf)
  • Fleck 5600 controller installation manual (.pdf)

  • Bottleless Water Coolers
  • Sharp Bottleless Water Cooler installation instructions (.pdf)
  • Elegant Bottleless Water Cooler manual (.pdf)
  • GE Osmonics

  • GE Reverse Osmosis Membranes manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek (Pentair) Filter Manuals

  • Pentek GAC series cartridges manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek CBR2 series cartridges manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek ECP series cartridges manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek C series cartridges manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek RFC series cartridges manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek RFFE20-BB iron filter manual (.pdf)
  • Pentek High Temperature Housing manual (.pdf)
  • Fleck Control Valve Manuals

    Common Residential Valves
  • Fleck 5600 Manual Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 5600SE Automatic Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 5600SXT Automatic Control Valve specifications (.pdf)

  • Other Residential and Commercial Control Valves
  • Fleck 2850 Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 2900 Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 3150 Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 3900 Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • Fleck 9500 Control Valve specifications (.pdf)
  • KXMatrikx Filter Manuals

  • KX Matrikx CTO / CTO2 series cartridges (.pdf)
  • KX Matrikx +5 filter manual (.pdf)
  • KX Matrikx PB1 filter manual (.pdf)
  • KX Matrikx +1 filter manual (.pdf)
  • KX Matrikx 10/2 filter manual (.pdf)

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    Water Filter Installation Instructions and Manuals