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Water and Health

Environment Guide

What is Water?
All the water that is currently on the Earth – in oceans, in lakes and rivers, in the clouds, in plants, in your body – has been here for millions of years. The water that you’re drinking right now could have washed a dinosaur’s back millions of years ago. Perhaps the better question is “Where DID water come from?” It is used, reclaimed and reused in a natural cycle that has been going on for millions upon millions of years - The Hydrologic Cycle.
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Benefits of Drinking Water
The benefits of drinking water include preventing or relieving constipation, which in turn may reduce the incidence of colon cancer. Getting enough water on a daily basis can keep your skin soft, improve circulation, prevent headaches and much more. Your body consists of 65%- 75% water, including brain, your heart and muscles being over 75% water. Adequate amounts of clean liquid help your body digest foods properly, and flush wastes from your system. Water should be a vital part of any healthy diet.
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Dehydration is a serious condition that demands immediate treatment. It’s particularly dangerous for the elderly, who are often chronically in a state of mild dehydration, and young children and infants who can rapidly become seriously dehydrated during an illness. Recognizing a symptom as a sign of dehydration can literally save lives. Knowing the symptoms of dehydration can help you figure out if you should be drinking more water – and get rid of headaches, chronic pain, constipation and a multitude of other health conditions that can be relieved with adequate levels of water in your body.
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Fluoride in Water
Everyone is aware about controversy surrounding water fluoridation in the United States. Although several major Health Institutes insist on the fact that Fluoride "occurs naturally in water", and "it combats tooth decay", many studies exists that prove otherwise – that fluoride is nothing more than poisonous industrial waste that should not be consumed in any doses. If you want to be on the safe side, there several ways you can remove fluoride from water with several filtration technologies..
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