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We've collected hundreds of useful articles about water, water filtration, environment, and health issues. Water in our homes is our life. We want it to be clean.

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What is Water?
All the water that is currently on the Earth – in oceans, in lakes and rivers, in the clouds, in plants, in your body – has been here for millions of years. The water that you’re drinking right now could have washed a dinosaur’s back millions of years ago. Perhaps the better question is “Where DID water come from?”
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Benefits of Drinking Water
The benefits of drinking water include preventing or relieving constipation, which in turn may reduce the incidence of colon cancer. Getting enough water on a daily basis can keep your skin soft, improve circulation, prevent headaches and much more.
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Water Purification Technologies
There are many methods used to remove impurities and contaminants from water. Each of the water purification technologies is best at removing one type of contaminant from water, and may not be effective at all for others. Water purification technologies are described here: full article »

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Home Water Filtration Systems
Water quality is an issue that’s raised more than a few concerns over the past few decades. Despite the continuing efforts of the EPA and state and local water agencies, chances are very good that the water you use every day is far from ‘pure’. Water in wells could be affected by contaminants in the ground water. Even if your water is supplied through a municipal water treatment facility, there are many contaminants that may slip through.
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