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Water Filter Manufacturers and Brands

Water Filter Brands and Manufacturers

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Below you can find a table of various water filter manufacturers, and also information on where you can purchase filters for each brand. You will find several large and medium size companies that manufacture water filters, and many small companies. It is quite typical that small companies go out of business or get acquired. Sometimes it is difficult to find a replacement cartridge for a specific manufacturer or brand.

Water filter manufacturers listed below are all reliable companies that have been in business for at least 10 years. We offer several water filtration product lines made by these in our online store:
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Brand Manufacturer Distribution Where to buy
Amway Amway Inc. multi-level
Aqua-Pure Cuno, Inc. factory-direct, dealer
Aquasana Sun Water Systems, Inc. buy online» Buy Aquasana filters
Aries Aries Filterworks buy online» Buy Aries filters
Brita The Brita Products Company retail
British Berkfeld British Berkfeld retail
Crystal Quest Crystal Quest buy online» Buy Crystal Quest filters
Culligan Culligan International retail
Doulton Doulton buy online» Buy Doulton filters
DOW Filmtec Dow buy online» Buy Dow filters
Everpure Everpure retail
GE, Osmonics, Desal GE buy online» Buy GE, Osmonics, Desal filters
Hydrotech, Aquafier Hydrotechnology, Inc. retail
Kenmore Sears retail
KX Matrikx KX Industries buy online» Buy KX Matrikx filters
Multi-Pure MultiPure Inc. multi-level
Omni Omni retail
Omnipure Omnipure buy online» Buy Omnipure filters
Paragon Paragon Water Systems buy online» Buy Paragon filters
Pentek Pentair buy online» Buy Pentek filters
PUR Recovery Engineering, Inc. retail
Rainshower Rainshow'r buy online» Buy Rainshower filters
Seagul IV General Ecology retail
Vertex Vertex Water Products retail
Watts Premier Watts factory-direct