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Water Test Strips for eXact Micro Meters

Water Test Strips for eXact Micro Photometers, EZ-486641

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Price: $9.00 - $29.99

Brand: ITS

Weight: 0.2 lb.

In stock


Product SKU Description Price Order
Alkalinity Total EZ-486641 Alkalinity, Total test strips, 100 tests $14.99
Ammonia test strips EZ-486654 Ammonia test strips, 25 strips + reagent $18.99
Bromine test strips EZ-486637 Bromine test strips DPD-1, 100 strips $12.99
Calcium Hardness EZ-486629 $18.99
Chloride test strips EZ-486757 Chloride III test strips, old SKUs 481657 and 481657-II
Chlorine, Free DPD-1 EZ-486637 Chlorine, Free DPD-1, 100 strips $13.99
Chlorine, Total DPD-3 EZ-486638 Chlorine, Total DPD-3. 100 strips $9.00
Chromium Hexavalent EZ-486614 Chromium Hexavalent test strips, 50 strips $16.99
Copper test strips EZ-486632 Copper test strips, 50 strips. $15.59
Cyanuric Acid EZ-481652 Cyanuric Acid, liquid, 60 tests $9.99
Fluoride test reagent EZ-486643 Fluoride test reagent, 25 tests $14.00
Hydrogen Sulfide EZ-486646 Hydrogen Sulfide H2S test strips, 50 tests $20.99
Iodine DPD-1 EZ-486637 Iodine test strips DPD-1, 100 strips $12.99
Iron test strips EZ-486650 Iron test strips, Fe+2  / Fe+3. 50 test strips, includes TPTZ FE (486631) and open reducer reagent (486601) $22.99
Manganese test strips EZ-486606 Manganese test strips, 24 strips $29.99
Nitrate test strips EZ-486655 Nitrate test strips (as NO3), 50 strips $18.99
Nitrite test strips EZ-486623 Nitrite test strips (as NO2), 50 strips $17.99
Ozone / Total Chlorine DPD-4 EZ-486670 Ozone test strips DPD-4, same as Total Chlorine DPD-4, 100 strips $15.99
Permanganate EZ-486637 Permanganate test strips DPD-1, 100 strips $12.99
pH test strips EZ-486639 pH test strips for eXact Meters $12.00
Micro pH II for iDip EZ486639-II Micro pH II for iDip $11.99
Peracetic Acid EZ-486674

Bottle of 24 strips

Phosphate (PO4) EZ-486814 Phosphate (PO4) (Micro 10 and 20 meter ONLY) $19.49
Sulfate test strips EZ-486608 Sulfate test strips $15.99
Sulfide test strips EZ-486818 Sulfide Micro 8 test strips $20.99
Total Hardness, Low EZ-486630 Total Hardness (Low) test strips, 100 tests $16.99
Total Hardness, High EZ-486656 Total Hardness (High), 50 test strips $19.99

Replacement strips for eXact iDip, Micro 7+ , Micro 8, Micro 10 and Micro 20 Water Meters. Test strips can be used for on the spot measurement of over 20 water contaminants. You will need an iDip, eXact 7+, eXact 8, eXact 10, eXact Chlorine or similar Photometer to use the strips, they cannot be used by themselves. Select specific strips below:
Most test strips are in stock. If we run out or don't have quantity needed, it will take 2 weeks to restock.
The following eXact Micro test strips and reagents are available:
Product #
Number of tests
Alkalinity, Total 486641 100
Ammonia (for Micro 8 and 20 Meters) 483343-M 25
Bromine, DPD-1 486637 100
Calcium Hardness 486629 50
Chloride 481657 (old)
486757 (new)
Chlorine, Free DPD-1 486637 100
Chlorine, Total DPD-3 486638 100
Chromium Hexavalent 486614 50
Copper 486632 50
Cyanuric Acid (liquid)
Fluoride (eXact Micro 8 and 20 meters ONLY)
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S(eXact Micro 8 and 20 meters ONLY) 486646 50
Iodine DPD-1
Iron, Fe+2 / Fe+3
(includes 486631)
Lead, LeadQuick reagent (LeadQuick meters only)
Nitrate (as NO3)
(old 486617)
Nitrite (as NO2)
Ozone (same as Total Chlorine DPD-4) DPD-4
Permanganate DPD-1
pH for eXact Meters 486639 100
Micro pH II for iDip 486639-II 100
Peracetic Acid
486674 24
Phosphate (PO4) (eXact Micro 8 and 20 Meter ONLY)
Potassium (currently not available) 486621 50
486608 50
Sulfide (exact Micro 8 meter)
486818 50
Total Hardness, Low Range 486630 100
Total Hardness, High Range 486630 50


Q: What's the difference between testing water with regular test strips, and eXact Micro 7+ strips using a photometer?
A: eXact iDip, Micro 7+ , Micro 10 or Micro 20 Photometer will display exact quantitative measurements (for instance an exact number in ppm, mg/L, such as "20 parts per million"). When you test water with a regular test strip, you receive a qualitative result, which is a range (for instance, "between 10 and 25 parts per million").
Q: What's the difference between all DPD-1 tests, such as Free Chlorine and Bromine?
All DPD-1 tests use identical reagent and therefore have the same product number. We stock and ship Free Chlorine DPD-1, but you can use the same strips for other DPD-1 tests such as Bromine, Iodine and Permanganate, just select appropriate test on the Photometer. The same applies to DPD-3 and DPD-4 tests (for example, Ozone and Total Chlorine DPD-4).

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