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Water Test Kit for Lead

Water Test Kit for Lead, WS-207

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Brand: WaterSafe
SKU: WS-207
List Price: $9.95
On Sale For: $8.25
Weight: 0.2 lb

Currently not available

Made in USA
The Watersafe Lead Test can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb). A test strip with yes/no result that detects presence of lead in drinking water.
This test is currently unavailable. Please contact us if you need a good quantity (over 10), it can be preordered with a 1 week delay.

Why to use Watersafe Lead Test?

• One-step lead test kit that can detect dissolved lead at levels below the EPA Action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb).
• Simple methods, clear directions, and first class quality non-toxic test ingredients guarantee dependable test results.
• Prompt and reliable test done in one easy step and gives you results in just 10 minutes!
• EPA-based, laboratory certified test kit

Lead Test Instructions

1. Open Watersafe foil packet and take out all contents. The kit contains one Lead Test strip, one sample vial, and one dropper pipette, as well as a desiccant packet (to be discarded).
2. Using dropper pipette, place water sample in the test vial. To pick up sample, tightly squeeze the bulb at the end of the pipette and place the open end into water sample. Release the bulb to pick up sample into vial. Use only one pipette-full of water. Swirl vial gently for several seconds. Place vial on a flat surface.
3. Place the Watersafe test into test vial, with arrows pointing down.
4. Wait 10 minutes. Do not disturb strip or vial during this time. Blue lines will appear on the strip.
5. Take the strip out of the vial and read results:

Negative Result: The LEFT line (next to number 1) is darker than the RIGHT line (next to number 2)

If you only see the LEFT line (next to number 1), the test is negative)

Positive Result: The RIGHT line (next to number 2) is darker than the LEFT line (next to number 1), or lines are equally dark (Both LEFT and RIGHT lines are equally dark)

6. Note: If no lines appear, or both lines are very light, the test did not run properly and the result is not valid. If a test strip shows a positive result, your water sample may contain lead at a toxic level.

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