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Water Softener Cartridge 10"

Water Softener Cartridge 10", CQ-RC-CR-10
Brand: Crystal Quest
Our Price: $22.50


Dimensions: 10"x2.5"
Weight: 2.1 lb

In stock

Made in USA

Revolutionary Water softening cartridge provides softened water in a convenient 10"x2.5" cartridge-style design. Uses a bed of sodium form cation resin beads to reduce total dissolved solids TDS or hardness (ca/mg) and scale deposits. This convenient design means that softened water can be provided at point of use - with an undercounter system, or in a countertop model. Requires standard 2.5"x10" water filter housing to operate.

Cation Resin Water Softening Cartridge properties:

Water Softening Capacity:
805 grains or 13,760 ppm
Flow rate:
1-1.5 GPM
Operating temperature:
40°F-100°F (5°C-38°C)
Filter type
5 micron
Water pressure
20 - 125 PSI
This filter will fit into any standard 10"x2.5" under sink or counter top filter housing. An excellent choice for lime scale removal and lime scale problems.
Q: Can Water Softening Cartridge be regenerated?
A: Yes it can. Use kitchen salt (or potassium chloride) and room temperature water.
1. Soak cartridge for 30 minutes in salt water
2. Rinse or soak cartridge for 30 minutes in salt-free water
3. Shake cartridge well. Rinse it.
4. Install cartridge into a housing and flush it - run water through it for 5-10 minutes.

Mfg num: CQE-RC-04009 , CQERC04009 , CQE RC 04009 , CQRCCR10

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Water Softener Cartridge 10''