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Commercial Industrial Demineralizer DI Water System

Commercial Industrial Demineralizer DI Water Filter System, CQE-CO-01146

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Price: $1,395.00 - $24,100.00

Brand: Crystal Quest

Weight: 140 lb.

Ships in 1-2 weeks

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Made in USA

Product SKU Description Price Order
2 cu.ft. CQE-CO-01146 6-10 GPM $1,395.00
3 cu ft CQE-CO-02112 14 GPM $2,690.00
4 cu ft CQE-CO-02113

20 GPM

7 cu ft CQE-CO-02114

35 GPM

10 cu ft CQE-CO-02115

60 GPM

15 cu ft CQE-CO-02116

75 GPM

20 cu ft CQE-CO-02117 185 GPM $14,900.00
30 cu ft CQE-CO-02118

200 GPM

40 cu ft CQE-CO-02119

205 GPM


Commercial / Industrial Demineralizer and Deionizer ( DI ) Water Systems are designed for industrial applications and water with high mineral content. They produce Deionzed water that has mineral ions removed. Examples of the minerals that can be removed are sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride and several others.
Deionized Water is produced by exposing influent water to an electricaly charged deionized resin media bed that attracts / binds minerals and salts, removing them from water. Because a lot of the ionized minerals are removed, deionized water is very pure. However it is not recommended for drinking purposes, as water will try to balance itself, and minreal salts are essential nutrients.
DI System is designed to bring water from 50 ppb influent to 10 ppb effluent, it assumes input has low TDS already. If your influent water is not, consider Reverse Osmosis or a Water Softening System in front.

DI Water Applications

DI Water Applications are mostly scientific and industrial. DI water is commonly used in the following industries:
  • microbiology
  • lead-acid batteries
  • additives in pharmaceutical and cosmetics products
  • manufacturing of electronic seminconductors and medical devices
  • commercial dry cleaners
  • car washes
  • laboratory instruments , including washing and to produce Type I , Type II or Type III Water

System Specifications:

  • Comes with standard Fleck Backwash electronic control valve.
  • Heavy duty structural tanks - Poly Glass mineral tank
  • All brass, motor driven control valve with fully adjustable regeneration cycles (on units with electronic control valve)
  • Self adjusting backwash control (on units with electronic control valve)
  • Engineered for commercial and industrial use
  • Optional skid mounting

Crystal Quest commercial water filters
Available water flow is between 22 GPM and 280 GPM (gallons per minute).
5 year Warranty on all Fleck control valves.
10 year Warranty on media tank.
All units can be assembled with or without automatic backwash valve. Contact us for price information on manually backwashed units.
These units are heavy! Actual shipping charges will be added to your order after unit is assembled. A very rough estimate (we express no guarantees if this price is accurate on the date of order!) of shipping charges would be between $180 and $500 (continental US), and can vary greatly based on model, your zip code, location, availability of lift gate, fork lift, and gas prices. LTL Freight shipping out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Q: How often do you need to replace the media?
A: To calculate replacement interval in gallons, multiply number of cubic feet by 500,000 gallons
Table below will help you to identify system for your application. Look for water line size (Pipe Size) and Service Flow in gallons per minute (GPM), and choose an appropriate model.
We can also install manual backwash valve instead of electronic, please inquire for price.

DI Media, cu.ft.
from 50 ppb to 10 ppb
3 4 7 10 15 20 30 40
Model CQE-CO-02112 CQE-CO-02113 CQE-CO-02114 CQE-CO-02115 CQE-CO-02116 CQE-CO-02117 CQE-CO-02118 CQE-CO-02119
Peak Flow, GPM 22 41 60 95 140 250 270 280
Service Flow, GPM 14 20 35 60 75 185 200 205
Pipe Size 1.5" 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" 3" 3"
Fleck Valve 3150 3150 3150 3150 3900 3900 3900 3900
Mineral Tank Size, in. 14x65 16x65 21x62 24x72 30x72 36x72 42x72 48x72
Backwash Flow, GPM 5 7 12 15 25 35 50 65
Space Required, in. (WxDxH) 15x16x75 17x18x75 23x24x84 24x24x95 32x32x95 40x48x95 46x54x95 52x60x95
Shipping Weight, lbs 195 206 410 800 990 1200 1930 2650
Every DI Purification System comes with one of the following Automatic Backwash Control Valves, click to get more details (pdf):
Fleck 3900 control valve for Commercial Arsenic removal water filter
Fleck 3900 valve

Commercial Tanks Installation Manual (pdf) 0.34 MB

Replacement Filters and Parts
Price Quantity
DI Demineralizer Water Filtration Media
EagleSorb DI Demineralizing Media is designed for commercial and industrial applications that use water with low to very low mineral content. Deionized water is type of water th...
Product # FM-DI-1

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